Benjamín León

School of Nursing

The Nursing Skills Lab is a learning lab just for nursing students. During your first semester, you will learn assessment skills and nursing procedures with a combination of lecture and hands on demonstrations. Besides the lecture time, you will spend additional practice time in the lab building your skills and knowledge.

At the Nursing Skills Lab you will build your skills and competencies on medical – surgical skills, maternal, pediatric and infant nursing care.

Equipment (Nurse Pack)

The nurse pack consists of nursing supplies that are essential for the NUR 1025C fundamental skill, Nur1214C Med-Surgical skills and Health assessment within the Generic Full Time, Generic Part-Time, Bridge and Accelerated program.

NSL Guidelines

  • In order to reserve a room/supplies, instructors must fill out and submit the Room and Supplies Reservation form.
  • Instructors must request to reserve a room/supplies at least one week in advance of the desired reservation date.
  • Instructors will receive an email confirmation validating the Room, Date, and Time. Supplies will be provided as available.
  • Instructors that have requested portable mannequins need to be at the classroom at time of delivery and must wait until it is picked up. No mannequins will be left unattended in classrooms or sent to the lab under a student's custody. Instructors are accountable for all equipment.
  • No pens allowed, only pencils
  • Use only the main entrance to enter and exit the lab. Do not use any of the other doors to enter the lab
  • Wash your hands when entering and exiting the lab
  • Enter the lab quietly to avoid disturbing other classes
  • Must be accompanied by the Professor during teaching hours or sing in with the lab staff during open lab hours
  • Proper uniform program attire is required. MDC badge must be on and visible
  • No open-toed shoes
  • Hair must be pulled back and way from the face
  • Earrings must be small, no dangling hoops
  • Students must bring nurse pack and appropriate text books on a daily basis
  • No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in any of the labs
  • No chewing gum
  • Absolutely NO ink or pens around the human simulators, PENCILS ONLY
  • Do not sit on the beds
  • Clean up the work area before you leave. Return bedside tables and chairs
  • Return all borrowed equipment
  • On testing days students are to leave the testing area and avoid having conversations with classmates who are waiting to test
  • Treat the human simulators as real patients

Interim Nursing Laboratory Manager
Dr. Yamina Alvarez,
Phone: 305-237-4340

Nursing Skills Lab Department
P: 305-237-4424

The Nursing Skills Lab consist of 2 main labs (Rooms 1332 & 1337), and 1 Pediatric Lab (Room# 1331)

  • Room 1332A (4 beds/4 mannequins/max occupancy 8)
  • Room 1332B (4 beds/4 mannequins/max occupancy 8)
  • Room 1332C (4 beds/4 mannequins/max occupancy 8)
  • Room 1332D (4 beds/4 mannequin/max occupancy 8)
  • Room 1332E (2 beds/2 mannequins/max occupancy 4)
  • Room 1337A (4 beds/4 mannequins/max occupancy 8)
  • Room 1337B (4 beds/4 mannequins/max occupancy 8)
  • Room 1331  (2 exam tables and 1 large sized pediatric hospital crib  2 mannequins/max occupancy 12)

Skills Training Lab

  • You will practice and be evaluated on a variety of skills in the lab, including assessment and psychomotor skills. You will get to use low and mid-fidelity adult, pediatric and infant human simulators to practice and demonstrate typical nursing procedures. Mid-fidelity human simulators are equipped with lung, heart and bowel sounds, and the ability to verbalize responses and demonstrate variations in vital signs.
  • In addition, as part of the learning experience, students can use a variety of skills trainers, such as IV arms, IV pumps, Kangaroo pumps, wound care manikins and central line demonstrators and others.

Video Tour

The following video features a tour of the lab consisting of only background music. Running Time 21 seconds