Benjamín León

School of Nursing

About Benjamin Leon School of Nursing (BLSON) Skills Lab

The BLSON Skills Lab serves to provide a dynamic hand on learning environment geared to enhance the student's clinical skills. While in the lab, procedures performed will facilitate re-enforcement of the education provided during lecture and in the clinical setting. The Nursing Skills Lab atmosphere will equip nursing students with the skills necessary to establish a foundation, in order to practice safely in the healthcare setting. The Nursing Skills Lab will permit the development of skills and competencies in courses across the BLSON curriculum. During the first semester, students will practice basic nursing care such as assessing vitals, bed making, medication administration, central line dressing change and utilizing assistive devices to ensure patient safety. As the student advances in the program, more advanced skills such as Foley insertion and Tracheostomy care will be integrated using our innovative technology mannequin, Juno.

Skills Training Lab

Students will practice and be evaluated on a variety of skills in the lab, including adult physical assessment and psychomotor skills. With the use of a human simulator Juno, the student will be able to practice and demonstrate typical nursing procedures such as auscultation of heart and lungs, as well as palpation of pulses. Additionally, students will use a skills trainer, such as IV arms to familiarize the individual on how to insert an intravenous line. The BLSON lab also provides Kangaroo pumps to teach nasogastric feeding, wound care manikins, and Omnicell's which demonstrate the real-life medication administration process used in healthcare facilities.

NSL Guidelines

  • Please sign in when arriving to the lab.
  • Wash your hands when entering and exiting the lab.
  • Enter the lab quietly to avoid disturbing other classes.
  • You must be accompanied by the Professor during teaching hours or sign in with the lab staff during open lab hours.
  • Proper uniform attire is required as stated in the student handbook of MDC program.
  • MDC badge must be on and visible at ALL times.
  • No open-toed shoes.
  • Hair must be pulled back and way from the face.
  • Earrings must be small, no dangling hoops.
  • No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in any of the labs.
  • No chewing gum at any time.
  • Absolutely NO ink or pens around the human simulators, PENCILS ONLY.
  • Do not sit on the beds. Clean up the work area before you leave.
  • Return bedside tables and chairs to its original location.
  • Return all borrowed equipment to the staff.
  • On testing days students are to wait for the professors to call them into the testing room. After test students are to leave the testing area and avoid having conversations with classmates who are waiting to test.
  • Treat the human simulators as real patients.
  • All sharps must be disposed of in an appropriately labeled sharps container.
  • Sharps should not be removed from the Nursing Simulation Lab.
  • All injuries, including "clean" needle sticks, should be reported to the faculty and lab staff.
  • A Miami Dade College Incident report form should be completed.
  • Student feedback is used to identify areas of opportunity and potential improvement in our Skills lab.
  • In order to reserve a room/supplies, instructors must fill out and submit the Room and Supplies Reservation form.
  • Instructors must request to reserve a room/supplies at least one week in advance of the desired reservation date.
  • Instructors will receive an email confirmation validating the Room, Date, and Time. Supplies will be provided as available.
  • Instructors that have requested portable mannequins need to be in the classroom at time of delivery and must wait until it is picked up. No mannequins will be left unattended in classrooms or sent to the lab under a student's custody. Instructors are accountable for all equipment.
  • Inform lab manager as soon as possible for supplies and equipment you will need for a particular date
  • Verify with your students if there is any latex allergy.
  • No needles or syringes of any kind are to leave the lab under any circumstances
  • Remind students about appropriate use, handling, and disposal of sharps
  • Open labs are available throughout the semester for students to practice any skills.
  • Notify staff immediately of broken or malfunction equipment.
  • Equipment, models or supplies will not be available for sign out unless its for BLSON related activities. 
  • Do not use betadine, iodine, lubrication, or any other solutions or ink on or near any manikins.
  • All faculty are recommended to wear lab jacket during classes and/or practice.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the lab.

Director of Nursing Clinical Competencies
Mr. Jose Peralta, MSN, RN
Phone: 305-237-4111

Instructional Assistant
Winnie Woods
Phone: 305-237-4138

Nuring Skills Lab

The Nursing Skills Lab consist of:

Three Debriefing Rooms

  • Room 3401 debriefing room max occupancy 24
  • Room 3404 debriefing room max occupancy 24
  • Room 3406 debriefing room max occupancy 24

2 Assessment Labs

  • Room 3424 12 Assessment bed max occupancy 24
  • Room 3432 12 Assessment bed max occupancy 24

8 Skills Labs

Each lab is equipped with 6 beds/6 mannequins/max occupancy 12 and medication administration system (Half cell cabinet by Omnicell)

  • Room 3411 Skills Lab 1 (6 beds/5 mid-fidelity mannequins and 1 low fidelity. Max occupancy 12)
  • Room 3423 Skills Lab 2 (6 beds/6 Mid-Fidelity mannequins. Max occupancy 12)
  • Room 3429 Skills Lab 3 (6 beds/4 mid-fidelity mannequins and 2 low fidelity. Max occupancy 12)
  • Room 3433 Skills Lab 4 (6 beds/4 mid-fidelity mannequins and 2 low fidelity. Max occupancy 12)
  • Room 3434 Skills Lab 5 (6 beds/6 Mid-Fidelity mannequins. Max occupancy 12)
  • Room 3437 Skills Lab 7 (6 beds/2 mid-fidelity mannequins and 4 low fidelity. Max occupancy 12)
  • Room 3438 Skills Lab 8 (6 beds/2 mid-fidelity mannequins and 4 low fidelity. Max occupancy 12)

Video Tour

The following video features a tour of the lab consisting of only background music. Running Time 44 seconds