Office of the President

Three medical graduate students posing for camera

“Thought leadership is needed as we advocate for building a stronger, more inclusive talent pipeline that is resilient and adaptable to the jobs of today and tomorrow.”


Higher education is at a critical inflection point that has been accelerated by the pandemic. We must meet the moment with courage and creativity.

“Leveraging new technology, investing in faculty, creating innovative revenue streams, and providing best-in-class student success practices will be essential to empowering and transforming the lives of our students through economic mobility. ”

We will develop a bold vision with clear priorities and key performance metrics, and then fund our priorities. The budget will reflect our commitment to helping students achieve their dreams and transform their lives through education. How will we turn vision into reality? We will do it together.

In the first 100 days, I appointed three senior members to the MDC leadership team. In January, I announced the appointment of North Campus President Dr. Malou C. Harrison as the College’s new executive vice president and provost. Shortly after, I appointed Dr. Jaime Anzalotta as the College’s chief enrollment officer, tasked with leading MDC’s enrollment with strategies to recruit, enroll and retain students. In March, I welcomed Maryam Laguna Borrego to serve as vice president of external affairs and strategy as well as chief of staff in the president’s office.

The College has many partnerships throughout Miami with businesses, government entities, nonprofits, education partners and more. It will be critical to leverage these partnerships to provide graduates access to hands-on learning experiences and career opportunities. From area schools and local officials to regional chambers and professional organizations, I have met with decision-makers and policy makers, community, state and federal elected officials, sharing MDC’s story and contributing to conversations that are driving the future of education and business in our region. Establishing strategic and innovative alliances with key partners enables us to future-proof our institution.

Enrollment is Looking Up

During President Pumariega's first 100 days, our efforts have been focused on enrollment.

The following infographic shows the student headcount on January 4, 2021 was at 43,103 and increased to 53,287 by March 31, 2021. Infographic statistic of student headcount. See screen reader note above.

What we heard and our vision moving forward
What We Heard Our Vision Forward
Increase revenue Developing strategic enrollment initiatives to increase our region's talent pipeline
Utilize best-in-class learning technology and modalities Cultivating entrepreneurship mindsets, leveraging automation and integrating artificial intelligence
Streamline processes Creating operational efficiencies and effectiveness