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Dr. Lenore P. Rodicio message regarding Fall 2020 Term registration options

Safety Continues to be MDC’s Top Priority for Students and Employees

MDC will begin classes remotely on September 1, except for the limited number of in-person classes. If conditions allow, on-campus instruction will commence on September 28, according to scheduled class days and times. The switch will not be automatic. It’s important to note that on-campus instruction will only occur if the pandemic situation improves to the point where students and faculty can return safely in accordance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local guidelines.

Students who are registering for fall semester have various options for classes that fit their individual needs.

Are You Registered for Fall CLAsses Yet?

Here's a quick overview of the kind of classes that are available. There are four options so you'll be able to find classes that meet your needs. There are classes that will be on campus with safety measures in place and those that will be completely remote. Some classes will require you to participate during scheduled days and times and others that are more flexible that can be done on your own time.

Students MAY BE
required to physically attend class on campus if conditions allow.

in person 100%


In-Person classes meet on campus face-to-face during scheduled meeting days and times. On campus classes will have additional safety measures in place.
Where: On Campus
When: Scheduled Meeting Days and Times

in person ON CAMPUS


Blended classes combine face-to-face and online learning. Some of the class time is on campus face-to-face during scheduled meeting days and times and the rest is online as either scheduled meeting days and times or flexible. Blended classes are sometimes referred to as hybrid classes.
Where: On Campus and Online
When: Mix of Scheduled and Flexible

Students WILL NOT be
required to physically attend class on campus.

online 100%

MDC Online

MDC Online classes use BlackBoard to offer a 100% online learning experience that students complete on their own time.
Where: Online
When: Flexible

online 100%

Remote Learning

Remote Learning classes use online or remote delivery and may be on a fixed schedule with meeting days and times or more flexible on your own time.
Where: Online
When: Scheduled or Flexible

How to Choose Your Class Type

1. Log into MDConnect and select Search for Classes. Click under Additional Search Criteria.

Screenshot of MDConnect Search Criteria with a red mark around Addition Search Criteria

2. Click on Mode of Instruction dropdown to see the different options.

Screenshot of MDConnect Search Criteria with the Mode of Instructions menu open

How to Check Your Class Type if You Already Registered

1. Log into MDConnect and view your schedule as list view. Click on the blue section number:

Screenshot of MDConnect Search Criteria with a red mark around a section number

2. You will see the Class Detail screen with the information regarding the instructional mode:

Screenshot of MDConnect Class Detail with the Instruction Mode showing

Additional Information

Why Are Some Classes Being Delivered Fully In-Person?

A small number of classes require in-person delivery. They are in specific areas such as Health Sciences, Law Enforcement or other hands-on type areas that require the use of specialized equipment. These classes cannot be delivered in any other way. Students will attend scheduled class days and times on campus with social-distancing and health precautions in place.

How Can Students Search for the Type of Classes They Want to Take?

Students should go to MDConnect/Class Search/Additional Criteria/Mode of Instruction. There they can browse fall classes offered in the various formats: Blended, In Person, Online, and Remote Learning.

Classes that require real-time attendance (either in-person or remotely) will include meeting days and times. Classes that don’t display meeting days and times do not require real-time attendance. Be advised, the class schedule is being updated regularly so it’s important to check your schedule occasionally to be sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Please watch the step-by-step video that demonstrates the process for selecting the type of class you want.