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Program Requirements

Selection is competitive and enrollment in discipline courses is limited. Meeting the program requirements does not guarantee progression to discipline courses. For this reason, the following criteria is used to determine which students will progress to discipline course. Students will be ranked according to the number of natural science and general education courses required for the program that have been successfully completed (see table below). Please note that there is no waiting list.

Criteria for Progression to Discipline Courses

  • Ranking of natural science and general education courses completed
  • Minimum Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5
  • Florida residents will be given preference over non-residents, as well as students who are reapplying to the program.

Ranking of Completed Courses Based on Priority

Natural Science Courses
1 BSC 2085, 2085L, 2086, 2086L, CHM 1033
2 BSC 2085, 2085L, CHM 1033

BSC 2085, 2085L, 2086, 2086L

4 BSC 2085, 2085L
5 CHM 1033
6 BSC 2085
General Education Courses
1 SPC 1017, CLP 1006, PHI 2604, CGS 1060C
2 CLP 1006, PHI 2604
3 PHI 2604, SPC 1017
4 CLP 1006, SPC 1017
5 PHI 2604
6 CLP 1006
7 SPC 1017
8 CGS 1060C

Final selection will be based on the submission of all required documents received at the mandatory program orientation session.

Transfer Students

If you have previously attended any college or university other than Miami Dade College, you must arrange for that institution send official transcripts to MDC’s Transcript Evaluation department located at the Kendall campus prior to the target date of May 1st for an August acceptance.

Students who have attended foreign colleges must submit original transcripts and a certified English translation before February 1st to the Registrar at the Medical Campus for evaluation. For details, please call 305-237-4141. Students who have attended a foreign allied health or nursing program should consult the Miami Dade College catalog for more information about how to have their transcripts, diplomas, and credentials evaluated for U.S. equivalency.