Learning Outcomes at MDC

General Education Learning Outcomes

General education courses should provide broad foundational knowledge to help students develop intellectual skills and habits that enable them to become more effective and lifelong learners and contain high-level academic and critical thinking skills.

Miami Dade College graduates will:

  1. Communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
  2. Use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical data
  3. Solve problems using critical and creative thinking and scientific reasoning
  4. Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical thinking and its application to issues in society
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and historical perspectives
  7. Create strategies that can be used to fulfill personal, civic, and social responsibilities
  8. Use computer and emerging technologies effectively
  9. Demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities
  10. Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans on the environment

Learning Outcomes Committee

The Learning Outcomes Committee (LOC) is appointed by the Executive Vice President and Provost at Miami Dade College (MDC). LOC members serve as campus and discipline liaisons and lead the efforts in the review of assessment findings related to student learning and success. The LOC members share with the college community the strengths and opportunities for improvement pertaining to the attainment of the college-wide Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), develop comprehensive communication strategies for enhanced awareness of the MDC SLOs, and foster a teaching and learning environment in support of the college Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan.

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