Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - Talent Opportunity Priority

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The STEM Center will allow students to support each other as they gain valuable tutoring and mentoring assistance to help traverse the STEM curriculum and make academic and industrial career decisions encouraging the exchange of ideas and knowledge!

Academic Coaching

Study skills acquired in high school may not be sufficient to excel in college-level courses, particularly for science and math, which requires mastering prerequisite concepts while learning new material. While students spend years learning, often they are not given the tools necessary to study effectively and efficiently, take notes, prepare for class, and read material. Academic coaching is available for STEM students to develop their time management and polish study skills strategies to not only earn good grades, but also deepen their understanding of course material.

Walk-In Tutoring

The STEM Center provides tutoring services to Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus students enrolled in science courses. Tutoring is available for biology, chemistry, and physics courses. To ensure tutoring is available for the course you need assistance with and the time you plan to visit, please refer to our schedule by subject availability posted at the Center or by calling 305-237-0893 to inquire.