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Supply chains have existed for a long time, but most organizations were only concerned with what pertained to them. We now live in a global business environment where advantages or disruptions to supply chains can ripple across continents in seconds. Our degree will equip you with an essential knowledge base in Finance, Operations, International Law and other key areas that will help you develop a broad command of the business.

In addition to the General Education requirements, the curriculum of the supply chain management program consists of 60 credits.

Upper Division Core Requirements – 36 Credits Required

Professional Core – 15 Credits Required:
FIN 3403 Financial Management 3 credits
GEB 3358 International Negotiations and Transactions 3 credits
MAN 3506 Operations Management 3 credits
MAN 3583 Project Management 3 credits
MAN 4523 Production Information Systems 3 credits
Discipline Content Core – 21 Credits Required:
BUL 4461 Law of International Trade 3 credits
MAN 3554 Safety and Risk Management 1 credits
MAN 3504 Production Operations and Logistics Management 3 credits
MAN 4940 Field Study and Research 2 credits
MAN 4597 Global Supply Chain Management 3 credits
MAR 4203 Supply Chain Marketing 3 credits
TRA 3132 Purchasing and Inventory Management 3 credits
TRA 4234 Warehouse Management 3 credits

Electives – 24 Credits Required

Must Take 9 Credits from the Following Group:
GEB 4363 Import/Export Management 3 credits
MAN 3786 Sustainable Enterprise Planning 3 credits
MAN 4593 Supply Chain Management Theory & Methodology 2 credits
MAN 4520 Quality Management 3 credits
TRA 3034 Transportation & Traffic Management 3 credits