Testing and Assessment

Testing Requirements and Acceptable IDs (Digital IDs (Florida Smart ID)

  • All students (including secondary school students testing for post-secondary readiness, dual enrollment, the School for Advanced Studies, or other purposes) must have an active MDC student identification number (MDID), e-mail address, and present one form of current/valid identification (ID) prior to taking any examination (see below).
  • All forms of identification must be original. The ID's must match the name in MDC's record system.
  • All test sessions are monitored and recorded.
  • The Testing and Assessment Department reserves the right to photograph any student taking any examination.

  • Students must present one form of identification which must be a current/valid official picture ID from the list below:
    • Driver's License issued by the United States (including digital versions, such as the Florida Smart ID)
    • Official Florida ID
    • U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card, or Permanent Resident Card
    • MDC ID Card (limited to Virtual College/Academic testing, PERT, ACCUPLACER, CASAS, TABE, Child Care, CSP, CART)
    • Foreign passport with U.S. visa
      Note: On June 7, 2019, an extended decree by the Venezuelan National Assembly extended the validity of previously issued Venezuelan passports.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection has issued an article detailing a validity period of 5 years from expiry for all Venezuelan passports. (Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection notice published 10/12/2022. Venezuela Extension of Passport Validity).
    • Military ID
    • Tribal ID
  • A second form of ID may be requested. This second ID must have the student's name with a signature or a picture (e.g. school ID, library card, social security card, voter registration card, credit/debit card, or other official ID bearing the student's name and signature).
  • High school graduates cannot use their school ID after the M-DCPS Last Day of School.

  • Secondary school students testing for post-secondary readiness, dual enrollment, the School or Advanced Studies, or other purposes must present a current/valid official picture ID from the first list above or other approved ID from the list below:
    • School ID
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Notarized statement with picture.

General Information on Florida Driver Licenses and ID Cards is available via the FLHSMV website.

Approved electronically by Student Deans Council on 01/22/2018
Updated 11/22/2022