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The Department of Resource Development generates millions of dollars in grant funding, helping to support critical programs and advancing the College's mission to provide affordable and accessible education that creates opportunity and changes lives.


Our purpose is to capitalize on grant-related opportunities by providing direct services and technical assistance to the Campuses and the District. This purpose supports the College mission by increasing revenue from external and non-tuition sources to support the Strategic Plan objectives.

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Technical Assistance Areas

Grant Development

Have an idea for a grant proposal? The department can help you find opportunities, develop your proposal, obtain necessary approvals and navigate the process of applying for a grant.

Grant Management

Once a grant is awarded, you'll need to make sure that you fulfill the requirements of that grant. The department's Grants Management resources can guide you through this process.

Recently Awarded Grants

Raising between $32,000,000 - $35,000,000 annually, the Department of Resource Development makes a real difference at the College and throughout our community.