Delivering the Training and Education our Community Depends on

The School of Justice (SOJ) at Miami Dade College is a public safety and educational training center. In addition to offering criminal justice academic programs, the School of Justice provides training toward certification and licensing in various areas of public safety, including fire, police, corrections and private security.

Many dedicated men and women serve our community in distinguished and vitally important jobs in the criminal justice and fire science professions. We invite you to join us at the School of Justice, where tradition, excellence and innovation come together to provide an outstanding educational and training experience.

The Mission

The mission of Miami Dade College’s School of Justice is to provide accessible, affordable and innovative education, training and assessment programs to produce highly qualified professionals for both the public and private sectors

Since 1971, Miami Dade College and the School of Justice have taken a leadership role in the development and preparation of public safety professionals. Expanding from its humble beginnings, the School of Justice now provides educational and training opportunities to more than 12,000 individuals annually in the following areas:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management, including 4 specialty tracks
  • Associate in Arts Pathway to a Major in Criminal Justice
  • Associate in Science Degrees in Criminal Justice
  • Associate in Science in Fire Science Technology
  • Basic Law Enforcement Academy
  • Corrections Academy
  • Firefighter Certification
  • Advanced, Specialized “In-Service" Courses for Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Security Courses, Licensing and Certification
  • Assessment Center providing Selection and Promotional services to public safety agencies

Training Programs

The School of Justice is one of the largest training centers in Florida and provides state certified training to private and public sector public safety professionals. We offer exceptional law enforcement and corrections academy training to qualified individuals. Trainees in both the law enforcement and corrections basic programs study:

  • Law
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Medical First Responder Skills
  • Defensive Driving
  • Human Diversity
  • Firearms
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Equivalency of Training (EOT) **NEW**

Learning Outcomes

Faculty and staff at Miami Dade College’s School of Justice have developed an academic approach that utilizes formal assessment tools to measure student success. The following five program learning outcomes were adopted for the School of Justice’s academic programs:

  • Data: Students will use data to support criminal justice policy development.
  • Culture: Students will create strategies to examine cultural beliefs about right and wrong.
  • Ethics: Students will become proficient in explaining the effects of ethical decisions on professional behavior.
  • Communication: Students will communicate differences about crime control and due process.
  • Logical Reasoning: Students will use logical reasoning to improve the criminal justice system.