Miami Dade College

Kendall Campus


Doctor of Musical Arts from University of Miami
Master of Music from Colorado State University 
Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University


Dr. Leo Walz is a well-known conductor and educator throughout of Florida.  He teaches music appreciation and music theory at MDC.  He is the founder of The Alhambra Orchestra, Miami’s longest-lived and most active community orchestra, and works in various capacities with Miami Lyric Opera.  Dr. Walz maintains an active schedule, frequently conducting in Eastern Europe and Central America.  He holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Miami, and studied piano with Gordon DeBroder and Janet Landreth in his home state of Colorado.

Courses Taught

  • Music Appreciation (MUL 1010)
  • Jazz and Popular Music History (MUL 2380)
  • Fundamentals Music Theory (MUT 1001)
  • Fundamental of Music Theory Lab (MUT 1003)
  • Music Theory 1 (MUT 1111)
  • Sightsinging & Ear Training 1 (MUT 1241)
  • Music Theory 2 (MUT 1112)
  • Sightsinging & Ear Training 2 (MUT 1242)