Miami Dade College

Kendall Campus


  • Bachelor of Music (Music Business with a minor in Marketing) from University of Miami
  • Master of Music (Music Theory) from Florida State University
  • Liberal Studies and Education from Florida International University
  • Doctor of Education (Leadership & Curriculum Design) from Liberty University

Marc Magellan grew up in Miami, where he attended and barely survived the Miami-Dade County public school system. In his early teens, he picked up a guitar for the first time and played a Van Halen solo perfectly. Well, not really. But supported by his family, he eventually got pretty good.

As an undergraduate at the University of Miami, Magellan received the Bertha Foster Scholarship for double bass and performed in the symphonic orchestra under the direction of Thomas Sleeper—who, ironically, had a very wakeful personality. Magellan graduated summa cum laude with a B.M. in Music Business, but the only business he was interested in was rocking…hard. So he quickly moved to Nashville, TN playing guitar in rock and country bands while touring around the American Southeast.

After a couple of years of not becoming a famous musician like Van Halen, Magellan returned to sunny Florida where he was greeted as the man who was still not even close to Van Halen. He completed his M.M. in Music Theory from Florida State University, and while in Tallahassee performed with the Seminole Swing Machine Jazz Ensemble; the Classical Guitar Ensemble; and was the resident guitar player for the FSU, Quincy Community Theater, and Tallahassee Community College musical theater programs. Naturally, whilst playing musical theater and studying, Magellan continued to play guitar in rock bands all throughout the panhandle and southern Georgia.

In 2009, after attaining his master’s degree, Magellan returned home to South Florida where he began teaching courses in Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Jazz and Popular Music in America, and Introduction to the Humanities at Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus. In 2010 he began taking graduate courses in English Literature, Education, and Art History at Florida International University on a desultory basis.

In addition to teaching and taking classes, Magellan continues to play guitar and bass, go to concerts and art galleries, and attend cultural events all over the greater Miami area. Furthermore, he is an avid traveler who relishes any opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring edifices and museums of Europe, which is, coincidentally, where he learned what the word “edifice” means.


  • Bertha Foster Scholarship
  • Golden Key Honor Society
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
  • National Scholars Honor Society
  • University of Miami President’s, Provost’s, and Dean’s List
  • Florida State University’s Honor List


  • Humanities (HUM 1020)
  • Music Appreciation (MUL 1010)
  • Jazz and Popular Music History (MUL 2380)
  • Fundamentals Music Theory (MUT 1001)
  • Fundamental of Music Theory Lab (MUT 1003)
  • Music Theory 1 (MUT 1111)
  • Sightsinging & Ear Training 1 (MUT 1241)
  • Music Theory 2 (MUT 1112)
  • Sightsinging & Ear Training 2 (MUT 1242)
  • Music Theory 3 (MUT 2116)
  • Sightsinging & Ear Training 3 (MUT 2246)
  • Music Theory 4 (MUT 2117)
  • Sightsinging & Ear Training 4 (MUT 2247)