Office of Information Technology

The Enterprise Business Solutions Department provides programming services for the College, primarily for administrative/operational needs related to the institution's enterprise information systems. These services include database design and implementation, web programming, SQL scripting, batch programming, and report creation. Resources are allocated on the basis of timing, complexity, and priority of the request.

In addition, the Enterprise Business Solutions Department also assists college departments in acquiring 3rd party software solutions by evaluating the technical feasibility and risks of proposed applications. The service provides consulting and application development services that leverage best practices as well as a defined software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology for building and maintaining software applications and integrations.


The following is a sampling of the types of services that can be provided to customers:

  • Executive and management level consulting for defining and developing business and technology strategies
  • Software solutions planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance services
  • Application integration and custom interfaces between software applications and College's ERP system.
  • Web-database integration
  • Web-based user interface design for software applications
  • Usability analysis, testing and recommendations including IITAA Web Accessibility and Section 508 (of the U.S. Workforce Rehabilitation Act) compliance
  • Web content management and updates for customer websites
  • Assist the RFP process for 3rd party applications from scope of work definition to product assessment and selection.
  • Independent review and assessment of 3rd party packaged applications.

Support Tasks

On-going support is provided for the applications developed and managed by the Enterprise Business Solutions Department. The tasks include:

  • Application support for incidents and problems
  • Management of application upgrades and patches
  • Development of application enhancements and changes
  • Application security management and administration
  • Application performance planning.

To request for service, follow the procedures outlined in Application Development Services.

Service Request Form

Power BI Video Series

  • What is Power BI?
    This video is the first in a series of five that introduces Power BI. It is approximately 7 minutes in duration.
  • How to access Power BI
    This is the second video in a series of five and is approximately 15 minutes in duration.  This video will describe how to log into Power BI and goes over the use of the navigation tabs.
  • Application and Functionality of Power BI
    This is the third video in a series of five and is approximately 66 minutes in duration. Most users will spend time here doing development in their workspace and access their data.
  • Power BI Desktop
    This is the fourth video in a series of five and is approximately 66 minutes in duration. This tutorial is designed for power users. Power BI desktop is used to create all Power BI reports.  The power users can design here their data set, change visual, etc.
  • Data Cookbook
    This is the fifth and final video of a series. It is approximately 7 minutes in duration. Data Cookbook is not a part of Power BI. However, it is used for all data definition that propagate Power BI reports, and these definitions are approved and maintained there.

Contact Information

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Patricia Lezpona 305-237-0179