Office of Information Technology

  • Administrative Services Office

    Administrative support in areas of budget, purchasing, contract management, and license management.

  • Enterprise Business Solutions Department

    Development and management of software applications that support College’s academic programming and administrative operation. It also includes a video series on Power BI.

  • Information Security and Policy Office

    Development and maintenance an information security program to safeguard College’s information assets.

  • Project Management Office

    Coordination of large-scale projects. Change and communication management.

  • Systems and Infrastructure Department

    Maintain and operate the College network, systems, and information technology infrastructure.

    Network and Systems
    Maintain and operate computer servers in support of enterprise applications, messaging systems, databases, mass storage and backup systems. Maintain and operate wired and wireless network infrastructure.
    Client Systems
    Client systems management and security; and application administration.
    Telecommunications and Operations
    Advanced telecommunications services; data center security and management; IT Helpdesk.