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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff
Name Title Phone Email Location
Gema Naredo Department Chair 305-237-1754 Room 2235, North Campus
Reid Van Voris Bachelor's Program Coordinator 305-237-1886 Room 2235, North Campus
Deana Williams Equipment Room Manager 305-237-8224 Room 2137, North Campus
Duane Summers Recording Studio Manager 305-237-0889 Room M108, Kendall Campus
Philip Colodetti Recording Studio Manager 305-237-1353 Room 2159, North Campus
Ariel Rubalcava Director/Senior Producer, MDC-TV 305-237-2755 Room 2M33, North Campus
David Sanchez SEDT Front Desk 305-237-1696 Room 2235, North Campus
Elio Arteaga Graphic Design & Web Design Faculty 305-237-1672 Room 1256-34, North Campus
Eric Cornish Computer Animation Faculty 305-237-8251 Room 1256-22, North Campus
Juan Borrero Instructor 305-237-1681 Room 1256-08, North Campus
Holly Anderson Film Faculty 305-237-8230 Room 2235, North Campus
Tommy Demos Film Faculty 305-237-1472 Room 2235-15, North Campus
Josh Ellis Film Faculty 305-237-1512 Room 2235, North Campus
Adrian Garcia Film Faculty 305-237-8319 Room 2235-3, North Campus
Agustin Gonzalez Film Faculty 305-237-1491 Room 2235-2, North Campus
Ece Karayalcin Film Faculty 305-237-1477 Room 2235, North Campus
Richard De La Vega Broadcast Engineer 305-237-8409 Room 2M33, North Campus
Maikel Garcia Post Production Supervisor 305-237-1772 Room 2235, North Campus
Tony Leal MDC - TV Producer 305-237-1197 Room 2M33, North Campus
Alex Osorio Office Manager/Secretary II 305-237-1765 Room 2235-18, North Campus
Billy Oliver Television Faculty 305-237-1177 Room 2235, North Campus
James Pierre Producer, MDC-TV 305-237-1764 Room 2M33, North Campus
Dr. Ed Calle, EdD, DHEL Music Business Faculty 305-237-0593 Room 8213-2, Kendall Campus
Stephen Quinzi Music Business Faculty 305-237-2265 Room 8213-3, Kendall Campus
Steve Roitstein Music Business Faculty 305-237-1170 Room 2235, North Campus
Richard Rose, Ph.D. Music Business Faculty 305-237-2755 Room 8213-4, Kendall Campus