Testing and Assessment

Secondary School

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What tests are used?
  • Any combination of the highest available PERTACT, and SAT scores are used in determining a student's readiness (college ready) in the skill area.
What skill areas are used?
  • Reading and Mathematics
    (Writing is treated as a separate subject from reading in the school grading system and is not included for postsecondary readiness component, by provision of Rule 6A-1.09981, Florida Administrative Code.)
How are the ACT and SAT scores reported to the State?
  • The State uses FASTER for reporting ACT and SAT. In addition, they receive files directly from the College Board for SAT scores and from ACT, Inc. for ACT scores.
Are multiple years of data used?
  • Yes. Any scores for students reported during their enrollment in grades 9-12 are used.
Where can I view school grades and review guides to the calculations?

For additional information on school grading process, contact the Bureau of Research and Evaluation at evalnrpt@fldoe.org or call (850) 245-0411.

The new score that may be used to satisfy the Algebra 1 EOC Assessment portion of a student's graduation requirements is a score of 97 on the mathematics portion of the PERT.

Do students need to score College ready to satisfy that requirement? A score of 114?
  • No, a score of 97 is required.
Are students allowed to retest for that purpose, or is it a one attempt only?
  • There is a six-week waiting period with required remediation between PERT Math retakes for this option.

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