Transfer Credit to Miami Dade College

Transferring credits to Miami Dade College allows your previous academic study, examination, or career experience to be evaluated for possible college credit.

Official transcripts from each institution attended are required for all degree-seeking students. Failure to submit all official transcripts may result in loss of eligibility and removal of financial aid awards. Non-degree-seeking students are not required to submit transcripts and are not eligible for federal financial aid. Please be aware that transcripts submitted after your financial aid has been processed could result in loss of eligibility or removal of your awards, including prior year(s) aid.

Academic Credit

Credit may be earned for courses taken at regionally accredited colleges and universities in the United States as well as accredited foreign colleges and universities. Courses may be accepted from nationally accredited institutions if they participate in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS). MDC does not award credits for coursework taken on a non-credit basis.

College credit may be awarded for noncredit coursework through prior learning assessment when the curriculum has been reviewed by faculty and determined to be substantially the same as college credit coursework.  Prior learning assessment procedures are developed to establish the noncredit-to-college credit equivalencies and are codified in the MDC Technical Manual of Procedures. 

Students can earn college credit for industry certifications at MDC.

Certifications and Licenses

On-the-job and corporate training can be applied toward a degree through articulation agreements or other evaluations.  

Submit your Official Transcript

Transcripts should be mailed directly from institution to institution, or sent electronically by a third party through systems such as E-script or Parchment. Hand carried transcripts will not be accepted. You must request a separate official transcript from each institution you have attended in the past. Transcripts must be sent to:

Miami Dade College
Attention: Transcript Processing Services
11011 S.W. 104th Street, Room R301
Miami, Florida 33176-3393

Transfer Credit Evaluation Timeline

  • College transcript evaluations are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis from the time transcripts are received by the Transcript Evaluation Office. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks; completion time depends upon the volume of transcripts received. During peak period (August- September), transcript evaluation can take up to 3 weeks.
  • MDC will award credit only for courses with passing grades (i.e., A, B, C, and other grades considered passing by the issuing institution such as S and P) applicable to the student's degree/certificates.
  • MDC may award credit for courses with "D" grades if applicable towards the student's program of study.
  • Transfer credits are posted on the last term you were active at the College, regardless of when they were completed. You must be enrolled in a college credit program to receive transfer credit. Transcripts from non-degree seeking students will not be evaluated.
  • If you are currently classified as a Non-Degree seeking student and would like to change your pathway, please:
    1. Complete the Student Request for a Change of Academic Pathway online form
    2. Upon completion of this process, please contact Transcript Evaluation Services at (305) 237-0440 or with an evaluation update.

Transcript Re-Evaluation Request

A student that previously had transfer credits evaluated at MDC and has not earned a certificate or degree from MDC may have their transcript re-evaluated upon request of the student or a College official. Requests should be sent to

All previous enrollment are considered when calculating academic progress, including periods in which you did not receive federal financial assistance. Transfer credits that are accepted toward your program of study will also be considered in the calculation of your academic progress. Official College Transcripts must be submitted to the college and evaluated before academic progress is calculated. Visit our Standards of Academic Progress Policy page for more information.

Evaluation Process

A transcript is evaluated using the incoming institution's course descriptions to issue direct equivalencies. Whenever it is not possible to give a direct equivalent to a course offered at Miami Dade College a general elective will be awarded instead. These general electives can be substituted if approved by the academic department.

General Elective Equivalencies:

Catalog Number Description
TNFR 9901 Communications Transfer Credit
TNFR 9902 College Level General Elective
TNFR 9903 Occupational Transfer A.S. degree only.
TNFR 9904 Humanities Transfer Credit
TNFR 9905 College Level Math Elective
TNFR 9907 College Level Natural Science Credit
TNFR 9911 Social Science Transfer Credit

Once a student has earned a higher degree (AA or higher) only the degree and applicable courses towards their current program will be posted. Students who have earned a higher degree must select a program other than an AA degree.

Course Substitutions

A course substitution is the process by which a course completed by a student may be used to satisfy program requirements for graduation in lieu of a different course specified in the degree program towards graduation.

How to Obtain a Substitution

  • In order to obtain a substitution, the student must gather sufficient documentation and justification to warrant the substitution. Course substitution requests must include a description and syllabus of the course to be substituted. Submit your documentation for review and consideration to the Department Chairperson of the academic area to be substituted. 
  • Approved substitutions will appear on your academic record as soon as the petition has been processed.

Note: Substitutions granted by Miami Dade College may not be transferable to other institutions.

Transcripts from International Colleges and Universities

If you attended a college or university outside the U.S. you may be eligible to transfer credits to Miami Dade College. All foreign transcripts must be submitted with all the requisite seals and apostilles from the foreign country's Ministry of Education.

You must submit the original transcripts to the Admissions and Registration office at your home campus.

  • For a list of certified translators you can visit
  • If you have earned a higher education degree from a foreign institution and you are not on an F1 or J1 student visa, you must submit the original transcripts along with an evaluation report of your transcripts done by a NACES member organization. Request a course-by-course evaluation and degree equivalency statement. Document-by-document evaluations will not be accepted by Miami Dade College for transfer credit. View a list of NACES member agencies.

    The fee for this evaluation is the student's responsibility.


Miami Dade College awards college credit for standardized examinations that document the required knowledge and competencies for one or more subject areas. Evaluations of examinations are made after the student has been admitted to the College. Official score reports must be sent directly from the testing agencies to the College's Transcript Processing Services Office. Awarded credit based on the College's approved course equivalents will appear on the student's permanent record and on the student's official College transcript as earned credit only.

There will be no indication of grades or quality points and duplicate credit is not awarded (State Rule 6A-10.024 (8). Students may earn college credit based on obtaining a specified minimum score on nationally standardized examinations.


Due to the high volume of AP examinations received from the months of May to August, please allow additional wait time for processing and evaluation.

For a list of acceptable exams and equivalency please visit our Testing & Assessment Department website to review the Articulation chart.

To inquire about a test already submitted, please fill out the Test Entry Request form to request to have a test record entered in MDC system.

Military Experience

Miami Dade College awards credits for military courses and occupations completed by Active-Duty Service members and veterans.

Each branch of service provides transcripts for current and former service members that include individual military education, training, and experience, which are recommended for college credit by American Council on Education (ACE). You can request your official transcript via:

Foreign Language Requirement

If you have completed two years of a foreign language (including sign language) or higher in high school you must see your academic advisor in order to waive this requirement.

Note: Students do not receive college credits for foreign language taken in high school.

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