Phase 1: Dade Enterprise Cloud Computing Initiative (DECCI)

Explanatory video about Cloud Computing? Presented by Amazon Web Services
  • Summer boot camps at no cost
  • Field trips
  • Industry networking sessions
  • College Credit Certificate in Enterprise Cloud Computing
  • Preparation for industry certification exams

Providing students with cloud computing literacy skills using Amazon Web Services platform

Dade Enterprise Cloud Computing Initiative (DECCI) is a partnership with Amazon Web Services that aims to increase the number of certified cloud computing technicians from underrepresented minority groups to meet local and national workforce needs. The program is designed to provide fast-track training for students in Miami-Dade County, while strengthening existing career pathway programs at Miami Dade College.

From the Global Knowledge Salary Report, developing and acquiring cloud IT skills is an absolute must. Nowadays, many organizations are held back on major IT initiatives because of their lack of cloud skills. IT decision-makers reported having a difficult time finding qualified IT cloud talent. 

According to global market intelligence firm IDC, global spending on public cloud computing will hit $162 billion USD in 2020, an increase from $67 billion in 2015 USD.

Forbes magazine (2017) ranked Amazon’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certificate within the 15 Top-paying IT certifications in 2017, with a median salary of $119,233.

After completing the boot camp, students will be prepared for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam, an entry-level exam to demonstrate knowledge about the AWS Cloud platform.

Scholarships Information

Eligible students can apply for DECCI scholarships below and/or to claim your scholarships. 

DECCI Program Completion Scholarships

Available on a first-come first-served basis. For the academic years 2021-2022, scholarships in the amount of $300 will be given to each student who:

  1. Successfully complete the College Credit Certificate (CCC) in Enterprise Cloud Computing
  2. Provide MDC (email) program completion document  

Each student can earn up to $300.

DECCI International Collaboration Scholarships

Available by application only. For Summer 2022, scholarships covering an all-expenses paid two-week trip to Paris, France and London, UK for a cloud computing educational experience will be given to 4-5 selected students who:

  1. Successfully certified in AWS Solutions Architect
  2. Successfully complete the application form and provide the additional documents

Application will be available online in December 2021.

College Credit Certificate (CCC) in Enterprise Cloud Computing

The Enterprise Cloud Computing Credit Certificate program is designed to provide an opportunity to establish a foundation in architect scalable, highly available application solutions that leverage cloud computing services. Utilizing best practices focusing on cloud security, cost and reliability, graduates of the CCC in Enterprise Cloud Computing will utilize core design patterns and infrastructure expertise to implement solutions to deploy and maintain workloads and applications. Graduates are prepared for entry-level job roles such as Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer and Cloud Application Architect.

  • CTS1111 Linux+ (4 cr.)
  • CTS1134 Networking Technologies (4 cr.)
  • CTS1145 Cloud Essentials (4 cr.)

Upon completion, you will be an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

CompTIA and AWS Cloud Practitioner seal

  • CGS1540C Database Concepts Design (4cr.)
  • CTS2375C Cloud Infrastructure & Services (4 cr.)
  • CTS2960 Cloud Computing Capstone (4 cr.)

Upon completion, you will be an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

AWS Cloud Plus seal