Verification is a review process in which the Financial Aid Department determines the accuracy of various data elements reported by the student/parent on the student's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The U.S. Department of Education selects approximately 30 percent of all aid applicants for verification. During the verification process the student and parent will be required to submit documentation to verify information on the financial aid application. The verification process ensures that eligible students receive all the financial aid they are entitled to receive.

Typically, students can expect to receive notification that they have been selected for verification within 14 business days after the Financial Aid Office receives the student's FAFSA results from the federal processors. The Financial Aid Office informs those students who have been selected for verification via e-mail and they can also review their status through their application tracking (Student Portal). The tracking letters will direct the student to submit required documents to their Financial Aid Office and or related departments (such as Admissions/Registration, Testing, Advisement).

Since academic aid years overlap calendar years, please refer to your online account for the year appropriate forms and documentation needed. All documents must be completed in their entirety signed and submitted physically or electronically to the Financial Aid Offices within 30 days of notification. See verification forms.