Notifying the Resource Development Office

When identifying a potential grant opportunity—regardless of whether your campus/unit will be the lead or if it will be subcontracting or collaborating with another entity—Resource Development must be involved as soon as possible and always before the proposal is submitted. Contact the Director of Resource Development before beginning work on any grant proposal. Notifying Resource Development of your intentions to apply will avoid conflicts with submissions being made by other divisions of the College or with agency limitations. In addition, early notification allows Resource Development to provide you with the technical support you need to make your proposal as competitive as possible.

Approvals and Accounts

Resource Development documents that your campus administration/unit-head, the district leadership, and the Board of Trustees support your proposal. Once the project has been approved by the Board of Trustees, Business Affairs sets up a chart string. Without these approvals and the chart string, grant funds will not be available for you to use.

So, are you interested in applying for a grant? Here’s how:

  1. Complete the Start-Up Form
  2. Submit the form
    1. Online Submission : After completing the online form (found at the link above), it will be sent to Resource Development who will then forward it your campus president or unit-head for pre-approval.
    2. Email Submission: If you receive the e-mail version of the form, which can be found as an attachment to ‘grant announcement’ e-mails, please e-mail it to your campus president / unit-head via your supervisor for pre-approval. Your campus president / unit-head will send it to the Resource Development director with their pre-approval.
  3. A grant writer will be assigned to assist you in the development of the proposal and will schedule a start-up meeting to review and discuss your project idea & the requirements of the grantor.
  4. The grant writer will send you documents you will need to complete in the writing process
  5. The grant writer will be involved with the writing to a degree that varies with each project.
  6. When you and the grant writer approve the final draft, it is sent to the RD director.
  7. The RD director acquires campus/unit head, district, and Board of Trustees approval.
  8. The grant writer will submit the project to the funding agency
  9. Resource Development will maintain official record of pre-award project development.
  10. The Grant Compliance Officer will guide the post-award process.