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General Education Core Requirements

General Education Core Requirements
Course Course Title Credit Hours
CGS 1060 Introduction to Microcomputer Usage
This course must be satisfied for completion of the Associate in Science Degree. Course satisfaction can be accomplished through examination or by successful class attendance in the course.
3 credits
ENC 1101 English Composition 1
This course must be completed before registering for SPC 1017
3 credits
SPC 1017 Fundamentals of Speech Communications
This must be completed before applying to the program
3 credits
HIM 2472 Medical Terminology 3 credits

Major Course Requirements

First Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
HSC 0003 Introduction to Healthcare 2.5 credits
HSC 0003L Introduction to Healthcare Lab 0.5 credits
HIM 1000 Introduction to Health Information Technology 2 credits
HIM 1110 Health Record Technology & Data Collection 2 credits
HIM 1110L Health Record Technology & Data Collection Laboratory 3 credits
HIM 1800 Professional Practice Experience 1 2 credits
HIM 2012 Legal Aspects of Health Care 2 credits
Second Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
HIM 2211C Health Information Technologies 2 credits
HIM 2652C Electronic Health Record 3 credits
HIM 2400C Diversified Non-Hospital Health Records 2 credits