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PROGRAM CODE: P9212 // Total Credits: 43

Course Sequence Guide

First Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
HSC 3655 Theoretical Foundations of Health Care Ethics 3 credits
MLS 3621 Clinical Biochemistry 4 credits
MLS 4193 Clinical Molecular Diagnostics 3 credits
    10 credits
Second Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
MLS 4181C Immunohistochemistry 3 credits
MLS 4195C Enzyme Histochemistry 3 credits
MLS 4196C IN-Situ Hybridization (FISH) 3 credit
  Total 9 credits
Third Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
HSC 3701 Leadership and Management in Healthcare 3 credits
MLS 4198 Immunohistochemistry Clinical Concentration 5 credits
  Total 8 credits
Fourth Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
MLS 4705 Laboratory Operations and Management 3 credits
MLS 4910 Advances in Histotechnology Capstone 7 credits
  Total 10 credits
Fifth Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
HSC 3057 Research Methods and Issues in Health Science 3 credits
MLS 3150 Medical Laboratory Sciences Special Topics 3 credits
  Total 6 credits

General Education Requirements for Completing the Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Science with a Histotechnology Concentration (BAS-HS-HT)

General Education Requirements (Co-requisites)
Course Title Credits Required
ENC1101 3
ENC1102 3
Oral Communications 3
Humanities 6
Behavioral Sciences 3
Social Sciences 3
Natural Science 6
College Level Math 6
General Education Elective 3
Validated HT Credits 27
Lower Division Electives 24

Must meet the following requirements prior to graduation: 24 semester hours of academic science including 6 semester hours of biological sciences and 6 semester hours of chemical sciences

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