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Courses You Will Take


Program Requirement

Pre-Requisite Courses
Course Course Title Credit Hours

HSC 0003

Introduction to Health Care 2.5 Credits

HSC 0003L

Introduction to Health Care Lab 0.5 Credits

Discipline Courses

First Semester (Fall)
Course Course Title Credit Hours

MEA 0231

Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology

2.3 credits

MEA 0234

Pathophysiology & Disease for Medical Assistants

4.0 credits

MEA 0242


3.0 Credits

MEA 0204

Theoretical Aspects of Clinical Skills

1.0 Credits

MEA 0204L

Applications of Clinical Skills

2.0 Credits

MEA 0802

Clinical Externship

3.0 Credits
Second Semester (Spring)
Course Course Title Credit Hours
MEA 0322 Office Management & Professional Issues for the Medical Assistant 3.0 Credits
MEA 0334C Medical Coding and Insurance Billing with Collections 4.0 credits
MEA 0343 Computers in the Medical Office 3.0credits
MEA 0810

Administrative Externship

3.0 credits
Third Semester (Summer)
Course Course Title Credit Hours

MEA 0254

Physician Office Laboratory Procedures

2.0 credits

MEA 0254L

Physician Office Laboratory Procedures Applications

2.0 credits

MEA 0258

Radiology in the Physician Office

3.0 credits

MEA 0540

EKG, Emergency Procedures

2.0 credits

MEA 0832

Diagnostic Externship

3.0 credits