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Paying for College

An education at Miami Dade College is more affordable than you might think. Learn more about our tuition rates and see why more than 90 percent of our graduates finish their course of studies without incurring any student debt.

This program is highly demanding, and students are therefore more successful if they do not work while in the program. If students must work for financial support, the program strongly recommends a limit of 20 hours of employment per week. Students should also consider family responsibilities before committing to a full-time accelerated program.

Check our Tuition & Fees

Additionally, over the course of the program, students should expect to pay approximately $350 for books, $125 for name tags, uniforms and footwear, $15.50 for malpractice insurance and $10.50 for health insurance annually. Most laboratory courses have an additional fee
between $20.00 and $80. All costs are subject to change.

Apply for Financial Aid

You should apply for financial aid even if you're not sure you're eligible. The only way to know for sure is by applying You can do so by using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or go to MDC's financial aid page.