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Program Outcomes

The Emergency Medical Services program at Miami Dade College provides a comprehensive review of its outcomes.  The program reviews its pass rates, retention, job placement, certification pass rates, mission, goals, and learning objectives.  The review process involves all program personnel meeting to assess the outcomes. Upon completion of the program review, the results are shared with the program's Advisory Committee.  During the Advisory Committee meetings, a review of the program's pass rates on the certification examinations and the results of the employer, graduate and program resource surveys are shared. The advisory committee is afforded the opportunity to provide input and guidance related to the program's ability in achieving these goals.  

Programmatic Outcomes Data

State Paramedic Examination Results
Graduate Year Pass Rate
2016 100%
2017 100%
2018 93%
Paramedic Program Placement
Graduate Year Retention
2016 79%
2017 73%
2018 72%
Paramedic Program Retention Rates
Graduate Year Pass Rate
2016 98.36%
2017 95.87%
2018 90.07%