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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Pharmacy Technician?
A. Pharmacy technician is a pharmacy staff member who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist, and performs many pharmacy-related functions. Job duties may include giving medication and other health care products to patients, as well as working with third party and doctors' offices in resolving adjudication of patients' insurance or state program. Pharmacy technicians perform the routine tasks associated with preparing prescribed medication and providing drugs to patients. Licensed pharmacists check all medications before they go to the patient, and only pharmacists may counsel patients on the proper use of medications.

Q. When does the program start and what is the target review date for the program?
A. The program begins every Fall semester and Spring semester. Students can request a milestone review year-round.

Q. What are the program requirements?
A. To be eligible for the PharmacyTechnician program you must be a current student at Miami Dade College and submit a milestone review at the Program Requirements page.

Q. What are the selection criteria?
A.  Enrollment in the program is limited. Meeting the program requirements does not guarantee progression to discipline courses. For this reason, following criteria are used to determine which students will progress:

  • Overall GPA and T.A.B.E Scores
  • The T.A.B.E. requirement can be waived by the following:
    1. Taking the exam and scoring the minimum grade
    2. Passing ENC1101 and MAT1033 or higher
    3. Taking the PERT and scoring into ENC1101 and MAT1033 or higher
    4. Having an AS or AA or higher degree awarded
    5. Being exempt from placement exams (students must have graduated from a FL public high school after 2007 with a standard diploma)

Q. Can I request a milestone review if I have not completed all of the general education and science courses?
A. Applicants must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.  There are no required general education or science courses.

Q. What kind of degree will I be awarded when I graduate?
A. Upon completion of the program you will receive a Career Technical Certificate.

Q. What are the hours of the program?
A. The theory courses for this program will be either daytime or evening. However, the clinical portion of the program is during regular daytime hours (usually Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm).

Q. Can I work while I am a student in the program?
A. This program is highly demanding, and students are therefore more successful if they do not work while in the program. If students must work for financial support, the program strongly recommends a limit of 20 hours of employment per week. Students should also consider family responsibilities before committing to a full-time accelerated program. 

Q. What is the approximate annual salary for graduates of this program in this area?
A. In the South Florida area, entry-level graduates may expect to earn an annual salary of $21,000 - $29,000.00.