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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Physical Therapist Assistant?
A. Licensed physical therapist assistants are educated health care providers that work under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist and assist in the provision of physical therapy interventions. The physical therapist assistant helps manage conditions such as sprains/strains, fractures, back and neck injuries, sports and work related injuries, and others.

Q. When does the program start and when is the target review date for the program?
A.  The program begins every Spring semester (January). Requests for milestone reviews must be submitted by September 1st.

Q. What are the program requirements?
A. Please refer to the information found in our requirements area.

Q. Can I request a milestone review if I have not completed all the general education and science courses?
A. Yes. You can request a milestone review to determine if you are eligible to progress to disciple courses before completing these courses. However, selection is based on the student having the highest points earned.  Please see the Program Requirements page.

You are encouraged to complete all the non-discipline courses to increase your chances of progressing onto discipline courses.

Q. What kind of degree will I be awarded when I graduate?
A. You will receive an Associate in Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant.  This will qualify you to take the National Physical Therapist Assistant Examination (NPTAE) offered through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy and the State of Florida Board of Physical Therapy Laws and Rules Examination.

Q. What are the hours of the program?
A. Most of the program courses are offered weekdays from approximately 8:00am – 4:00pm. There are also some evening lab courses depending on the student’s selection.

Q. Can I work while I am a student in the program?
A. Employment is NOT encouraged while taking discipline courses (courses with PHT prefix) because of the demanding coursework and to ensure success in the program.  Students must earn at least a final grade of “C” (77%) or better in each discipline course to continue in the program.  For those students who must work, it should not exceed 10 hours per week. During those semesters requiring clinical hours the student should NOT work.

Q. Do you assist with job placement after graduation?
A. The Medical Campus does not provide job placement. Through Advisement and Career Services located in the Advisement Office at the Medical Campus, graduates may review employment opportunities that have been posted on the student employment online system, MDC WORKS –A next generation career studio

Q. What is the approximate annual salary for graduates of this program in this area?
A.  According to the United Sates Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics occupation code 31-2021, the National mean annual wage for a physical therapist assistant was $59,440 ($28.58 mean hourly wage) in 2020.

In Florida, the mean annual wage was $62,960 ($30.27 hourly wage) in 2020. Salaries vary depending on position, years of experience, degree of education, geographic location, and practice setting.