Office of the President

Letter from the President

MDC President Madeline Pumariega

Dear Friends of MDC,

I returned to my alma mater as its fifth president amid a global pandemic that has challenged Miami Dade College, our community and nation in ways that we never thought possible. Adapting to this accelerated change that the institution has faced—and will continue to face—demands innovative approaches to institutional practices at all levels. It will require us at MDC to reimagine our strategic priorities and practices to better serve our student and community needs. On my first day, I launched a “Leading Through Listening Series” that included sessions with college leadership, students, faculty, staff and community partners.

Your stories, passion and pursuit to carry out the mission of Miami Dade College inspire me. Listening to each of you has helped shape the areas which I believe will be most important in our efforts to meet this unprecedented moment of new opportunities, competition and approaches to education. It is an exciting time for us at MDC as we refine our focus and inspire each other and those around us to ensure that we fulfill our mission and play a key role in our community’s recovery and prosperity.

Miami Dade College has long served as the catalyst of opportunities for our students and community. During the past 100 days, as you will see highlighted in this report, we have been focused on the initiatives and priorities that are imperative to moving beyond the pandemic. These days have also set the vision for the strategic priorities that will provide our roadmap as we continue to serve as a beacon of hope for students and our community.

I am incredibly proud of everyone at MDC and how we understand the "why" of what we do and the difference we make! It is truly a privilege to work alongside you, and it is an honor to serve as your president. I look forward with great optimism and gratitude as we build upon the steps we have taken in my first 100 days.

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Leading Through Listening

I have heard from more than 1,000 students, faculty and staff, trustees and friends of MDC during my first 100 days. Through campus visits, meetings, a series of informal listening sessions and town halls, I have heard your heartfelt expressions of passion for our College and community.

In the first 100 days of listening, five themes emerged. These themes, inspired by you, will guide a collective vision and inform a strategic plan that will help us build our way forward.

How We Engaged

Presidential town halls

Campus visits and listening sessions

Ideas shared

Faculty and staff engaged

Students engaged

Meetings with elected officials

Friends engaged

Participants engaged

Five Themes