Doing Business with MDC

The Purchasing Department staff is interested in vendor representatives making sales calls. Sales calls on individual departments are allowed; however, appointments should be made in advance and departments are not allowed to purchase materials at the time a sales call is made. Accordingly, salespersons can make an appointment to meet with Purchasing Department personnel Monday through Friday, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. When making sales calls to the Purchasing Department, an appointment is highly recommended. If you need to cancel an appointment, you should notify the buyer of this cancellation as soon as possible.

Registration is only required for suppliers with pending business transactions with the college. Suppliers solely wishing to discuss their products/services with college personnel, are not required to register.

New and Existing suppliers of the College may access the eSupplier Portal by visiting mdcsupplier.mdc.edu 

If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Department at (305) 237-0018 or email: MDCVendors@mdc.edu

A supplier may be temporarily or permanently removed from the supplier list as a result of:

  1. Failure to reply to three consecutive bid invitations for any commodity area (If you do not desire to bid), return the bid invitation indicating a "NO BID" and provide a short statement as to why you are unable to bid. No action will be taken and you will remain on the active bid list.
  2. Failure to make delivery as promised
  3. Substitution and/or inferior or subcontracted for merchandise
  4. Failure to make satisfactory adjustments.

All bids, solicitations, and quote requests are posted on the MIami Dade College Bidnet Direct website: https://www.bidnetdirect.com/florida/miamidadecollege 

Bid openings are open to the public. Suppliers may attend the openings on the scheduled date and time announced on the MDC Bidnet Direct website. Since bids are a matter of public record, they may be viewed by vendors at any time; however, a written request (example: via email) must be made with the buyer to review any bid results.


The College has established a procedure which authorizes College employees to purchase goods and services under $1,000 utilizing a "Visa" Purchasing Card. Individuals who have been authorized to make these types of purchases will contact the vendor, request the items or services required and provide the vendor their purchasing card number. Individuals may place orders in person, by phone, fax or on a secured internet site. Orders may be picked up or shipped to the person placing the order.

Vendors are encouraged to make demonstrations available to College personnel as often as possible. Any equipment left at the College for demonstration or trial purposes shall remain the responsibility and property of the vendor. Any cost, which may be incurred by the College because of a demonstration or trial, shall be clearly detailed in writing to the Purchasing Department before the items/equipment to be demonstrated or tried are delivered to the College. Vendors are cautioned that notice of a trial or demonstration shall be given to the Purchasing Department prior to delivery. Any equipment which is left for a trial period must be removed by the vendor within 30 days. Trial periods should not exceed 30 days.

Samples which are requested by the Purchasing Department, to aid and assist in product evaluation, shall be supplied at no charge to the College and, if requested, will be returned at the vendor's expense.

The College's acceptance of the bidder's offer, by the issuance of a purchase order or contract, creates a binding contract between the vendor and Miami-Dade College. All vendors must perform in accordance with the purchase order or contract notes and specifications, or they will be liable to the College for any damages caused by their breach. Once a purchase order and/or contract has been issued, no changes may be made in the terms and conditions of the original proposal submitted and accepted on commodities, goods or services.

Vendors are cautioned against making a delivery or performing a service for the College without having an authorized purchase order. If vendors supply items to College personnel without proper authorization, the vendor must assume the responsibility for collection of the payment of these goods or services from the individual with whom the transaction was made. However, for authorized purchases, deliveries shall be made to the address indicated on the purchase order or to other locations as authorized by the Purchasing Department or other College departments.

After items have been delivered or services have been performed, invoices shall be sent to Accounts Payable at:



Miami Dade College
Accounts Payable Department
11011 SW 104th Street, Room 9254
Miami, FL 33176

To ensure prompt payment of your invoice, the purchase order number must appear on your invoice. Failure to indicate the College purchase order number on your invoice will result in a delay of the payment and the possible return of the invoice.

According to College policy, the Purchasing Department is authorized to use State contracts, other Florida Community College or University contracts, School Board contracts, and County contracts. This procedure allows the College to waive competitive bidding as these contracts have already been bid. Substantial quantity savings are obtained by using these contracts since they are based on the requirements of other entities within the State of Florida.

The College is committed to encourage utilization of minority and female-owned firms in the procurement of goods, services and construction-related activities in accordance with applicable law. Minority and female-owned firms should complete a vendor application which will be kept on file in the Purchasing Department.

It is the policy of Miami-Dade College to provide minority and female-owned businesses with an opportunity to participate in construction-related services and contracts for the provision of commodities, contractual services and consulting services, and to encourage participation by such businesses. This policy will apply to all College procurement activities.

The College will seek active participation through advertisements, invitations to bid and requests for proposals for procurement activities, and by providing information to minority and female-owned businesses about the plans, specifications and requirements of contracts and projects at the College.

The College's Office of Facilities Management works with project architectural firm or other architectural firms designated by the College in the processing and awarding of bids for major construction projects. Vendors interested in participating in these construction projects should periodically visit the "Bid Posting" section of this website to view solicitations available.

Major construction and construction-related solicitations are also advertised in "The Daily Business Review" newspaper.

Miami-Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution in compliance with ADA and does not discriminate because of veteran, marital or disability status or on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin or religion.


  1. Review previous bid documents and letter quotes to determine requirements and prices.
  2. Respond to all bids, even if it is a "NO-BID". Failure to respond will eventually lead to removal from the bid list.
  3. Submit all required documents requested in the bid form (catalogs, price sheets, drawings, etc.)
  4. When bidding alternates, bid only those alternates equal or better than the item(s) specified in the bid and be sure to include information/specifications on the alternate item.
  5. Sign all bid documents.
  6. Submit all bids on time. Allow sufficient time for the bid to arrive in the Purchasing Department.
  7. Contact the buyer and schedule an appointment to come to the Purchasing Department after bids have been opened to review competitor's bids.
  8. Fill all orders received on a timely basis and as specified.


  1. Don't bid on contracts which your company cannot complete or for which you cannot obtain the necessary bond.
  2. Don't qualify a bid against the terms and conditions of the bid proposal. Example: If a bid specifies a one year term, don't bid a six-month term.
  3. Don't supply misleading delivery information.
  4. Don't ask to change bid prices after the bid has been opened.