Miami Dade College is now working with Western Union Business Solutions to provide students an alternative method for paying student bills. This payment option allows you to pay Miami Dade College the balance due in the currency of your choice and provides a simple secure method for initiating the payment electronically. Below please find steps to making a payment.

Step-by-Step guide to making a payment:

Step 1: Click on the Western Union Business Solution button on this page in order to initiate wire transfer.

  • Payment website will open in another window.

Step 2: Student Verification

  • Select country where you will be making payment from.

Note: In order to ensure payment accuracy, please complete all fields listed including Student Name, Student Email Address, Etc.

Step 3: Select Payment Option

  1. Account Statement
    • Enter Amount of wire transfer in US dollars.
  2. Payment Options
    • Select your home currency (if available) from the drop down list and click on next.

Step 4: Enter Payment Details

  1. Enter who will be making the payment.
  2. Enter sender’s banking information.
  3. Review and select checkbox next to “I agree to the Terms of Use”.

Step 5: Payment Instructions

  1. Please print payment instructions by clicking on Print the Payment Instructions for your confirmation/quote and take to your financial institution.
  2. Instruct your bank to wire transfer funds to the bank account indicated on your confirmation quote.
  3. The Reference Number must be included with your wire payment.

NOTE: Payments made to our bank account can only be received by bank transfer.  Funds received after the 72 hours cut off may be subject to a new rate.

Step 6: Payment Finalized

  • Please visit the Miami Dade College Bursar’s office to complete a Wire Transfer Form. Once the student has notified the campus Bursar’s office about the wire transfer and it is associated with the student, the campus Bursar’s Office will apply those funds to any outstanding fees/obligations owed by the student.