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Proctored Assessments

Virtual College courses require proctored midterm and/or final exams during specified testing dates. The course material will indicate the window of time students have to take the required proctored exams in each course.

Review the dates of your proctored assessment.

  1. First, review your course syllabus/calendar/materials to find out the exact dates the Virtual College has set for you to take your assessment. Students will NOT be authorized to test outside of the specified dates or on weekends.
  2. Next, please review the Testing Dishonesty and Behavioral Guidelines and the special testing materials and instructions of each particular exam as defined by your instructor. During the exam, do not access online course content or external websites or use unauthorized materials.
  3. Communicate any special accommodations to your professor and schedule your testing session with your ACCESS coordinator and/or local testing department weeks before your scheduled assessment.
  4. Finally, decide which of the three options you will choose to take the proctored assessment(s), make the necessary arrangements and scheduling with the proctor you have selected, and pay any associated proctoring fees, if applicable.
Testing Centers

MDC has eight testing center locations available for Virtual College students to select the most convenient time and place to test.

All students are required to bring the proper identification in order to take any exam. Only students taking tests are permitted in the testing center. Do not bring children to the testing center. MDC Testing Centers are available at each campus –

  • Hialeah
  • Homestead
  • InterAmerican
  • Kendall
  • Medical
  • North
  • West
  • Wolfson

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the last check-in time. You will not be allowed to take your test if you are late. Students with testing concerns must contact the professor. Testing center staff is not authorized to make changes, give time extensions or answer questions about proctored exams.

Students who reside outside of Miami Dade County may request to have an approved remote proctor to administer their tests. The proctor must be approved by the Virtual College at least one (1) week prior to the exam. Students are responsible for paying any costs that may be incurred (proctor fees, etc.). Steps –

  1. Find a test facility by searching at the Florida Proctored Testing Centers or at the National College Testing Association.
  2. Submit the online Request for Proctor Approval form.
  3. The Virtual College department will verify your proctor. You will be notified no later than a week prior to your scheduled exam period, contingent on when the form was submitted and the response time of the indicated proctor.
Approved Proctors – College testing center staff, faculty members, high school counselors or principals, human resources staff, Sylvan or Kaplan learning center staff, military officers, or head or reference librarian.
  • You must complete a request form for each proctored exam you wish to take remotely.
  • Proctors located within the Miami-Dade County will be automatically denied.
  • Students who miss the posted deadline must take their proctored exam at an MDC Testing Center or via ProctorU.
  • Your request must be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the first day of the exam windowNo exceptions will be made.
If you submit a form for a window with a deadline that has passed, it will be denied. Your only other available options will be to take your final exam at an MDC Testing Center or via ProctorU.

What/who qualifies as a proctor?

  • A testing department/center at a regionally accredited college or university (preferred)
  • Faculty members of regionally accredited colleges, universities, or other educational institutions
  • High school counselors and principals
  • Human resources and educational training staff members
  • Commercial testing centers such as Sylvan and Kaplan Learning Centers
  • Military educational officers, or commanding officers with a rank of Sargeant or higher
Your classmate, manager/supervisor, co-worker, relative, or friend is NOT a qualified proctor, may NOT proctor your exams, and your request will be denied.

Proctors must have an institutional/organizational/company email address. The Virtual College will not send exam information and passwords to a free or residential email address; including, but not limited to:,,,,,,,,, and others.

Exams must be administered in an educational or professional environment, such as a classroom or the proctor's office. Any test proctored in a private residence will be deemed invalid. Virtual College proctored exams are computer exams; therefore, make sure that your proctor is able to administer computer-based exams.

Be sure to provide accurate contact information for your proctor, as well as accurate course information. Inaccurate or incomplete information may lead to a delay in approval, and may result in your request being denied. You must submit your request before the posted deadlines to allow enough time to approve your proctor.

The MDC Virtual College can deny a remote proctor request at its discretion.

For questions or assistance, please contact the Virtual College Student Support Center at 305.237.3800, or

ProctorU monitors students who take online exams by using webcams and screen-sharing technology. Students need a webcam with a microphone and a reliable, high-speed internet connection to use this service.

ProctorU requires the same proper identification as the MDC Testing Centers. Once you decide to take your proctored exam with ProctorU, visit and follow the steps listed in our ProctorU MDC Portal - Getting Started site to register and schedule your exam.

The cost of proctoring through ProctorU depends on the time the faculty allows for the test. In general, many proctored assessments in the Virtual College are scheduled for 2 hours and the cost of ProctorU would be in the range of $25. Students receive notification of actual costs before confirming their testing appointment with ProctorU.

The following are not supported by ProctorU:

  • Google Chromebooks (supported for G Suite Certification and G Suite Administrator exams)
  • Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)
  • Linux operating systems
  • Windows 10 S or Surface RT
  • No running inside a virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam.
  • No development previews, beta builds or release candidates of any operating system unless specified.

Source: ProctorU