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Overview and Surveys

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Students are given an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to faculty in regular credit and career credit courses. Student feedback for faculty is assessed using a standardized questionnaire provided by MDC, and feedback reports are available to students, faculty, and administrators.

All faculty members participate in the student feedback during each Fall Term and the results are made available in January. Additional survey results are accumulated for participating faculty during the Spring Term (available in May) and Summer Term (available in September).

Students evaluate faculty in traditional classroom courses including Web-enhanced, Blended and Labs (Classroom Survey is administered); courses in special programs such as Co-Op, Independent Studies, Competency-based Education, Study Abroad, MDC Live, and MDC Online (Alternate Survey is administered); and in the Library Services area (Faculty Librarian Survey is administered).

Lab and clinical classes that students directly enroll in through their registration in the lab or clinical course are required for Student Feedback. Lab and clinical classes that students are automatically enrolled in through their registration in the lecture course are not required for Student Feedback. Faculty who are actually instructing students in these labs may administer student feedback for these classes on a request basis through their department chairperson.


  • Effective Spring 2022 (2223), the online product used for Student Feedback – EvaluationKIT has been replaced with its new name Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES). CES does not affect the functionality, workflows, and URLs of the system.
  • Effective Fall 2019 (2197), the default Student Feedback administration is online.
  • An Online Student Feedback administration is available through Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) online product.
  • The Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing (AET) office provides general guidance of the student feedback administration to ensure that the actual conduct of the feedback is handled efficiently and confidentially.
  • Students use the Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) online product for completing student feedback.
  • Students and instructors can access the online platform securely through Canvas without the need for an additional login or password.
  • Instructors and administrators use this platform to monitor feedback administration, and for receiving the results of the student feedback.
  • Paper-based administration is only available for Continuing Contract faculty with a start date prior to Fall 2019 who opt-out of the Online administration. Paper-based administrations are limited to In-person and Blended courses. Faculty receive a basic offline report.

If you need more information about the transition for Paper-based to Online please visit the Online Student Feedback.

District Office Assistance

Please contact the office of Assessment, Evaluation and Testing:

Silvio Rodriguez
P: 305.237.7492

Yahemn Baeza Dager
P: 305.237.7481