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Online Administration

To explore the feasibility of moving towards online student feedback surveys for potential College-wide adoption, the Office of Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness piloted an online product - Watermark's Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) between Fall Term 2016 and Summer Term 2019 that allows student feedback surveys to be generated and tabulated electronically with an easy integration through the Learning Management System (Canvas). 

During this implementation process, faculty were not be penalized for low response rates due to shortened administration windows, user error, or software/technical errors.

Note: All MDC students and employees have a Canvas account.

Students can complete their surveys by computer, tablet, or phone. The surveys are 100% anonymous. The data is collected in Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT). The surveys (Classroom and Alternate) are the same surveys that have always been used for the College’s Student Feedback Administration.

Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) offers built-in reporting features that allow instructors and administrators to view results in reports, bar-charts, and even download the raw data files. Instructors and administrators can access results within a few clicks and view summary reports for the courses they teach or the areas they oversee.

Fall 2023 (2237)


This option is only available for Continuing Contract faculty in the Fall Term.

Continuing Contract faculty who choose not to participate, must complete the Opt-out Form no later than September 30, 2023.

Response Rates

Below are the response rates for the Online Student Feedback Administration since Fall 2019.

View data from previous Academic Years.

Alternative Surveys are administered in courses such as Co-Op, Independent Studies, Competency-based Education and MDC Online.

Classroom Surveys are administered in traditional classroom courses, including Web-enhanced, Blended and Labs. The last administration was Fall 2019.

Alternative Survey
Spring 2022 Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Courses 3,939 2,692 7,620 4,537
Responses 75,089 34,149 91,621 52,348
Enrollment 35,693 51,152 149,781 80,854
Response Rate 48% 67% 61% 65%


  • No Spring 2020 data due to Covid-19.
  • Since Summer 2020 this survey has been used for all courses

Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) SSO Login

For technical assistance, please contact the office of Assessment, Evaluation and Testing:

Silvio Rodriguez
P: 305.237.7492


Effective Spring 2022 (2223)

  • the online product used for Student Feedback – EvaluationKIT has been replaced with its new name Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES). CES does not affect the functionality, workflows, and URLs of the system.
  • Effective Fall 2019 (2197), the default Student Feedback administration is online.
  • An Online Student Feedback administration is available through Course Evaluation & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT)
  • The Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing (AET) office provides general guidance of the student feedback administration to ensure that the actual conduct of the feedback is handled efficiently and confidentially.
  • Students use the Course Evaluation & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) online platform for completing student feedback.
  • Students and instructors can access the online platform securely through Canvas without the need for an additional login or password.
  • Instructors and administrators use this platform to monitor feedback administration, and for receiving the results of the student feedback.
  • Paper-based administration is only available for Continuing Contract faculty with a start date prior to Fall 2019 who opt-out of the Online administration. Paper-based administrations are limited to In-person and Blended courses. Faculty receive a basic offline report.