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Administrators, Faculty and Students can view Student Feedback reports online via their login user account. Reports are accessible throughout the year. Administrators and Faculty should refer to the Interpretation Guides when reviewing the reports.

New reports from Student Feedback are made available on Wednesday of the second week of the subsequent term. Reports from the Fall Term will be available in January, reports from the Spring Term will be available in May, and reports from the Summer Term will be available in September.

Student Feedback reports for cross-term courses, courses that start in one term and end after the last day of that term, will be processed by the Testing and Assessment Department during the term in which the course ends.

Students should remember that the feedback results are only one source of information about classes and faculty. It is always advisable to speak with academic or faculty advisors and department chairpersons, as well as review course descriptions and syllabi before selecting classes.

Student Feedback reports will be available on Wednesday of the second week of the subsequent term.

  • Reports for Fall Term 2022 (2227) will be available January 11, 2023
  • Reports for Spring Term 2023 (2233) will be available May 17, 2023
  • Reports for Summer Term 2023 (2235) will be available August 30, 2023

Access Reports

Student Feedback Reports Prior to Summer 2017 (2175)

Classroom and alternate survey reports prior to Summer Term 2017 (2175) are available via the links below, including Virtual College prior to Fall Term 2016 (2167).

Effective with the Summer Term 2017 (2175) paper-based administration, faculty receive basic offline reports via the Campus Testing and Assessment Directors.

Term Crosswalk
Term Crosswalk
Term Odyssey/AAFFIMS MDConnect
Fall 2016 20161 2167
Spring 2017 20162 2173
Summer 2017 20163 2175

Online Student Feedback Reports

Reports since Fall Term 2016 (2167) are available via the link below, for faculty who participated in the online student feedback administration.

Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES, formerly EvaluationKIT) Access for Administrators and Faculty EK Quick Guide for Faculty

Note: Spring 2020 Student Feedback administration was cancelled due to COVID-19 and transition to remote learning. View the Provost memo here.

Online Student Feedback by Course College-wide

Reports by course college-wide since Fall Term 2017 (2177) are available via the link below. This data is a special analysis based upon Online Student Feedback results.

Student View

Students can access faculty feedback ratings.