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Key Dates

Student Feedback reports will be available on Wednesday of the second week of the subsequent term.

  • Reports for Fall Term 2177 will be available January 17, 2018.
  • Reports for Spring Term 2183 will be available May 23, 2018.
  • Reports for Summer Term 2185 will be available September 5, 2018.

Continuing contract faculty must participate during the fall term and have the option to participate in the spring term. They must participate during the spring term if they were on approved leave during the fall term. (No summer term option).

Spring Option Memo


Key Dates Calendar

Library Instruction Student Feedback* will be collected during the first six weeks of each Fall Term and each Spring Term, and during the first four weeks of the Summer Terms(s).

Reference Desk Services Feedback* will be collected in Fall Term (October); Spring Term (February); Summer Term 1st 6 weeks and 12 weeks (June); and Summer Term 2nd 6 weeks (July).

Student Feedback administration begins after the Last Day to Withdraw date of each term.

Student Feedback administration ends as follows: 16-week Fall and Spring Term ends two weeks prior to the end of the term, the Summer Term and any term less than 16-weeks, ends one week prior to the end of the term.

Classes with Non-Standard Schedules (paper-based)
For classes that follow a schedule other than the regular academic calendar, the survey should be administered after the Last Day to Withdraw date for the class and before the final examination. However, all survey administrations must be completed and scanned prior to the scanning deadline date for the term.

* If the last day of the Library Instruction or Reference Desk Services collection period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, Monday is used. (Exception Note: For Summer 2nd 6 weeks Term July 31st is used since classes end prior to that date.)


Key Dates Calendar

Student Feedback administration begins two weeks after the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ date (16-week,14-week and 12-week terms), or one week after the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ date (8-week terms), or three days after the ‘Last Day to Withdraw’ date (6-week terms).

Note: Faculty may change this date to a later date.

Student Feedback administration ends on the last day of the term.