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  • Academic Service-Learning
  • Individual Service
  • Student Club Service
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Civic Leadership

  • iCED Civic Ambassador Program
  • Civic Leadership Fellows
  • Voter Engagement Internships
  • Changemaking
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Democratic Engagement

  • Civic Action Scorecard
  • Voter Engagement
  • Unify America Challenge


Volunteer work that aims to improve the community through organizations such as a nonprofit, government agency, school, grassroots organization, or through iCED-approved projects. Refer to our standards for service.

Academic Service-Learning (AS-L)

AS-L is service that is integrated into a course. Service must be directly related to the class subject matter and meet an identified community need. Intentional, ongoing critical reflection must be incorporated into the course to help connect the service with the course objectives and with civic learning.

  1. Review iCED's Standards for Service
  2. Contact your campus iCED representative for next steps

Academic Service-Learning Deadlines

Your professor will provide you with exact deadlines for finding and confirming your service site, and for submitting your hours via the MDC Changemaker Hub. Generally, you should find and start your service during the first two weeks of the term and complete and submit your required hours two weeks before the end of the term.

Individual Service

Service that is not part of a requirement for a class.

  1. Review iCED's Standards for Service
  2. Visit the Changemaking Hub to find your service site and register.

Student Club Service

Service performed as part of your membership with an MDC student club.

  1. Review iCED's Standards for Service
  2. Visit the Changemaking Hub to find your service site and register.

Student Service Awards

Civic Leadership

Assume leadership or membership roles in organizations, behave, and work through controversy, with civility, and develop empathy, ethics, values, with a sense of social responsibility.

iCED Civic Ambassador Program (Paid)

Earn money as you serve your community. This Federal Work-Study program provides you with training, leadership opportunities, and professional skills. Work with our iCED offices as we implement various programming initiatives across our campuses. Civic Ambassadors work a flexible schedule of 15-25 hours a week. Payment is dependent on each student's own Financial Aid award package.

Fill out an iCED Student Job interest form to learn more

Civic Leadership Fellows (Paid)

Help address our community's most pressing issues, develop your leadership skills, and be a Changemaker! This Federal Work-Study program involves working off campus at a non-profit organization in a role similar to a paid internship. Civic Leadership Fellows work a flexible schedule of 10-25 hours a week, are paid $14 an hour, and have meaningful work opportunities at over 20 community organizations that include, but are not limited to:

We are urgently hiring for opportunities across the county for all majors and experience levels!

Learn how you can apply to be a paid changemaker

Voter Engagement Internships (Paid)

Non-partisan paid internships available to promote voter registration, voter education, public policy, and social justice initiatives on campus. Internships generally pay approximately $500 per semester and involve an average of 10 hours a week. Gain experience, build your resume, and support our democracy! On-going training and support provided! Program partners include Campus Vote Project’s Democracy Fellows, Andrew Goodman Foundation Vote Everywhere Ambassadors, and the Civic Influencers Program.

Fill out an iCED Student Job interest form to learn more


Join MDC’s effort to create an “everyone a changemaker world”

Student Civic Leadership Awards

The Civic Leadership Award

Democratic Engagement

Experiences that prepare students for informed, engaged participation in their communities’ civic and democratic life by providing opportunities to develop civic knowledge, skills, and mindsets.

iCED’s Civic Action Scorecard

Take Action. Score Points. Earn Awards.

The Civic Action Scorecard is your toolkit for learning how to flex your civic muscles! It is a list of 90+ possibilities of civic actions. Whether you are registering to vote for the first time, learning more about the importance of empathy, learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, or learning who your elected officials are, the Scorecard will support your growth as a changemaker and be something you can highlight on your resume, in job applications, and contribute to your success. And best of all, you can earn the Civic Action Award for your efforts. It’s fun, easy, and powerful! Get started today by:

  1. Review the Civic Action Scorecard and its 90+ Civic Actions.
  2. Print the 3-page Scorecard Planning Sheet and highlight the actions you want to complete.
  3. Complete the Action in the Changemaker Hub by:
    1. Log into the Changemaker Hub
    2. Click on Subgroups
    3. Click on Civic Action Scorecard and search for the Actions you wish to complete for instructions
    4. Submit your Actions via the Add Impact button for each action
    5. Score at least 100 points to qualify for the Civic Action Award
  4. Get started today on the Hub

Voter Engagement

Visit MDC’s one-stop election readiness site: register to vote, sign-up for vote-by-mail, check voter registration status, update voter registration address, learn about important deadlines, and more!

Unify America Challenge

Join the hundreds of MDC students who are taking the Unify Challenge. Get paired with someone who lives outside your “bubble” over a 1-hour video call. You’ll take a guided survey together about goals for America across a dozen topics. It’s fun, fascinating, and might even give you a little hope. It’s also a great way to build your portfolio, earn points towards the Civic Action Award, and prepare for the workforce. Learn more about Unify America Challenge and sign up.

Student Democratic Engagement Awards

The Civic Action Award