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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Clinical Laboratory Technologist?
 A. A Clinical Laboratory Technologist is also referred to as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Laboratory Technologist or Medical Laboratory Scientist. Professionals working in the laboratory sciences are highly skilled health care practitioners who perform complex medical laboratory tests for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Q. When does the program start and what is the application deadline for the program?
A. The program has two start dates which are dependent on whether the student is doing the day or evening track.  August is the start date for the day track and January is the start date for the evening track.  The deadline for application for the day track is May 1st and September 1st for the evening track.  Applications may be accepted after the deadline date.  However, applications accepted after the deadline date may not be considered for the upcoming program class.

Q. What are the application requirements?
A. To apply to the program, you must have met the eligibility requirements for admission to the Clinical Laboratory Science Program on the admission page. 

Q.  What are the admission/selection criteria?
A. Due to enrollment limits for this program, admission/selection criteria is based on the number of required general education and natural science courses completed at the time of program selection with top priority given to students who have completed all of the required general education and science courses.  Additionally, GPA is included in the selection process.

Q.  Can I apply if I have not completed all of the general education and science courses?
A.  To apply to the program, you must have completed the pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C” or higher or be currently enrolled in them. Students currently enrolled in these pre-requisites must complete them by the start of the program.

Q.  What kind of degree will I be awarded when I graduate?
A. Upon graduation you will earn an Associate in Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  The length of the program from start to completion is approximately two years.  Your A.S. degree in CLS will qualify you to sit for national certification as a technologist with A.A.B. (American Association of Bioanalysts), or technician with the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and the American Medical Technologist (AMT).  Graduates are encouraged to sit for the technologist certification.  Once certified, graduates can apply for license with the State of Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel.

Q. What are the hours for the program?
A. There are two tracks for the program.  The day track students attend classes mostly during the daytime hours.  The evening track students attend classes in the evening.  Evening classes can only be offered for the on-campus courses.  Students accepted in the evening track must be available to do clinical training in the daytime for the clinical courses in the last semester of the program.

Q. Can I work while I am a student in the program?
A. Employment is not encouraged. Students must earn at least a final grade of “C” or better in each course to maintain their status in the program.

Q. Do you assist with job placement after graduation?
A.  The Medical Campus does not provide job placement.  Through the Career Center located in the New Student Center at the Medical Campus, graduates may review employment opportunities that have been forwarded by employers.

Q. Do I need to take a test to work in this profession after graduation?
A. Yes, graduates must sit and pass one of the national certification exams.  National certification examinations are administered by the American Association of Bioanalysts, American Society for Clinical Pathology and the American Medical Technologist.  Additionally, upon successfully passing the national certification examination, graduates must apply for licensure with the State of Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel.

Q. What is the approximate annual salary for graduates of this program in this area?
A. In South Florida, entry-level graduates may expect to earn an annual salary of $46,000 - $60,000/year if employed full-time. This does not include sign-on bonuses, benefits, or overtime. Graduates can increase their salary by working evening or night shifts which also carry a monetary per hour differential.