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How to Apply

The Miami Dade PA program offers a rolling admission process.
Please see the following schedule of dates.
Admission Round Submission Dates for requirements: Dates for Interview Notifications (On or About Oral interview/Essay
Round 1 June 1 – July 15 August 15 September
Round 2 July 15 – September 15 October 15 November
Round 3 September 15 – October 15 December 15 January

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Hundreds of highly qualified candidates apply every year. Fifty-five candidates are selected annually.

Step 1

Apply to Miami Dade College for admission or readmission. Students who have not enrolled in a class at MDC in the last 12 months must apply for re-admission.

If you live out of state and are unable to visit in person, please use our contact form.

Step 2

Meet the selection requirements

  1. A Bachelor's degree is required to apply.
  2. Complete all Pre-requisite courses
    1. Natural science lecture courses must be completed within 10 years of the application deadline.
  3. Natural Science GPA of 3.0 and above.
  4. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  5. Healthcare Experience is highly recommended but not required. This can be documented as direct patient care and/ or shadowing. While there is no minimum number of hours, applicants with prior direct patient care and/or shadowing may be given higher considerations.
  6. Students must be enrolled in or have successfully completed HSC 0003 – Introduction to Health Care (2.5 credits) and HSC 0003L – Introduction to Health Care Lab (.5 credits). Introduction to Healthcare course (HSC003/Lab) is an institutional requirement. For more information about this course please call (305) 237-4103.
    1. Introduction to Healthcare (HSC 0003) Waiver Process
      1. Students who have an eligible healthcare license, and a valid CPR card, may apply for a waiver for this course. Students should apply for an exemption at
  7. Florida Civic Literacy: Students seeking admission to the PA program must demonstrate competency in civic literacy. The civic literacy requirement has 2 components (civic course and exam) which can be satisfied in two ways:
    1. Successfully complete AMH 2020 or POS2041 and pass the FCLE exam.
    2. Successfully take the POS2041 CLEP exam with a score of 50 or higher (meets course and exam requirement).
    3. For more information on meeting Florida Civic Literacy please visit the link below.
  8. PA program specific documentation required in ( see Step 3) download the updated PA Supplemental Documents.
    1. Health Care experience Form
    2. Shadowing form
    3. Three Letters of Recommendation
      1. One letter must be from a Physician Assistant
      2. Two from faculty or other healthcare professionals
  9. PA-CAT completion with scores sent to MDC (See Step 4)

Step 3

A student who has completed all the requirements in Step 2 should request a milestone review:

  1. Schedule to meet with an academic advisor at Medical Campus to verify completion of program requirement. Please note all requirement courses must be completed by the semester prior to the milestone target review date (summer semester). Visit The New Student Center at the Medical Campus or Call: 305-237-4141 or Email: for an appointment.
  2. Order and send official transcripts no later than July 1st of the year you are applying. Please send transcripts to:

    Miami Dade College
    Attention: Transcript Department Processing Services
    11011 S. W. 104 Street, Room 301
    Miami, Florida 33176-3393

  3. For more information about submitting transcripts to the College visit the MDC Transcripts website. FMG's must send translated transcripts and TOEFL to the above address as well.
  4. Visit Medical Campus Program Requirements web page to request a Milestone Review by the target deadline date.
  5. PA Program Supplementary Documents -
    1. To complete the milestone review process you must download the updated PA Supplemental Documents.
    2. Complete and upload through the PA Selection Portal no later than October 15th. For questions related to submitted documents contact:

Step 4

Study, Register and take the PA-CAT:

The Miami-Dade program uses the PA-CAT as a part of its selection process.

  • PA-CAT covers the following subject areas: Anatomy, Physiology, General Biology, Biochemistry, General and Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Behavioral Sciences, Genetics, Statistics.
  • PA-CAT scores should be sent from the test sponsor. Due dates for scores are based on your application round. If scores are late, they may be rolled over to the next target review date.
  • However, the application cycle closes on October 15th. It is highly recommended you take the PA-CAT no later than September 15th to ensure receipt of your scores on time. (Note: It can take up to 4-5 weeks for your scores to be sent to the college.)
    The following are recommended dates to meet admission deadlines:
    Application Round PA-CAT Completion date
    Round 1
    No later than July 15th
    Round 2
    No later than September 15th
    Round 3
    Round 3 No later than October 15th

    To learn more about the PA-CAT, visit the Physician Assistant College Admissions Test (PA-CAT) website.

    • There is financial aid available to cover some of the cost of the PA-CAT for qualifying students.
      Please contact the test sponsor for more information.
    • Watch a quick video to learn how to register & schedule the exam, and release PA-CAT scores.
    • Study resources for the PA-CAT: This is available to the applicant after scheduling for the examination.

  • Step 5

    Selection for an interview

    Students are selected for an interview once all admission requirements are met. Students who receive notification of an interview should respond within 48 hours or risk the chance of securing a spot. The interview process involves an oral interview along with a requirement to write a short essay in 30 minutes.

    The program's selections committee is seeking applicants who:

    • Desire a career as a physician assistant and have a good understanding of the role of the PA
    • Mission driven: the student priority aligns with the Miami Dade PA-program mission
    • Demonstrates the ability to successfully complete a rigorous healthcare program
    • Possess some experience in the delivery of health care
    • Demonstrates a commitment to the team concept in health care
    • Communicates effectively and efficiently both in writing and in speech
    • Demonstrate a commitment to community service

    Admission Preference

    1. Military Veterans
    2. Miami-Dade County residents however, all students are considered
    Please see below for the Matriculant Profile from Class of 2023-2026
    Matriculant Profile CO 2023 CO 2024 CO 2025 CO 2026
    Average Age 29 28 29 33
    American Indian or Alaska Native 0 0 0 0
    African American/ Black 4 4 8 4
    Asian 2 5 1 0
    Hispanic/Latino/Latinx 41 39 36 44
    Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander 2 5 1 1
    White (Not Hispanic) 7 5 3 6
    Male 15 13 12 12
    Female 40 42 41 42
    Miami Dade County Residents 80% 78% 80% 83%
    Average Science GPA 3.60 3.50 3.56 3.46
    Average PA-CAT composite score 525 527 520 528

    *** Please note that PACAT scores at 525 and above are most desirable****