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Approximate Costs

The Physician Assistant professional phase (in program) consists of 80 credits: 55 credits in the didactic or first year, 25 credits in the clinical or second year. The Master’s degree through NSU is an additional 37 credits which consist of 9 MDC transfer credits and 28 NSU credits. MDC BAS PA students admitted under the MDC/NSU affiliation Agreement will receive a twelve percent (12%) discount of the then prevailing (published) tuition rate. The discount does not apply to course materials, textbooks, or student service fees.
Information about NSU graduate tuition rates for the M.H.Sc. can be found on Nova's official degree website. Students may also contact NSU directly at 800-541-6682 for questions regarding tuition and or financial aid associated with the M.H.Sc. degree.

View MDC's general tuition and fees structure

****In addition to general tuition, courses associated with labs have an added charge of approximately $280 per credit for resident and non-resident students.****
The Total cost of 2022-2024 Tuition and Fees MDC/NSU program for Residents =$41,188.26
The Total cost of 2022-2024 Tuition and Fees MDC/NSU program for Non-Residents= $54,838.75

Below is a breakdown of Tuition and Fees for 2022-2024
Tuition and Fees Resident Year 1 PA Student Didactic Summer- Summer Non-Resident Year 2 PA-Students Clinical Year Fall- Summer
Didactic year tuition
Clinical year Tuition
MDC Tuition Residents
MDC Tuition Non-Resident
*MDC Non-Refundable Seat deposit
Estimated Lab fees
American Data Bank
Criminal Background Screening estimated
NSU Application fee
NSU Student Health Insurance
NSU Tuition
NSU Student Service fee
Students should estimate an additional miscellaneous cost

*Seat Deposit will cover the following: HIPPA, OSHA, Domestic Violence, Pinning Ceremony, White Coat, FAPA, AAPA, and miscellaneous lab supplies.
Criminal Background screens cost are an approximation as vendors may vary based on clinical site requires

Financial Aid

If applying for financial aid through the MDC/NSU Master’s program please visit website. All students at the Medical Campus are encouraged to apply for financial aid, which includes the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Grant, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Subsidized loans. The Campus also offers a variety of scholarships. Students can visit the Financial Aid Office (Room 1201) on the Medical Campus for more details. Those who apply before April 1st for the following academic year are given priority. Only courses in which students have registered before the 100 percent refund date qualify for financial aid. For additional information, call the Financial Aid personnel at 305-237-4160.

Notice to all applicants

Due to the nature of the PA program and the established sequence of courses, eligibility for financial may vary.
** Students should be prepared to pay the first semester's tuition in the event that financial aid is delayed or financial aid is not available.