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Policy on Progression, Retention and Completion of the PA Program

Retention, promotion, and graduation are not automatically granted to students in the PA Program. The progress of each student throughout the curriculum requires continuous, satisfactory academic and professional performance. At the end of each semester, the Academic Director, Program Director and the Committee on Student Progress, meet and review the performance of each student in order to determine progress to the next term.

Promotion from the academic to the clinical year is dependent upon various items during the first year. First, all academic year courses must be passed and the student must exhibit professional conduct throughout the academic year in order to be promoted to the clinical year. The Committee on Student Progress will formally review each student's professionalism at the end of each semester. Additionally, every student must demonstrate adequate performance of a complete head-to-toe physical examination, at the end of the didactic year, as well as problem-focused practical examinations and written comprehensive examination at the end of each academic year. Failure to complete and pass these items may lengthen the program, delay graduation, increase tuition, or result in dismissal from the program. Incomplete grades will not be granted for any academic courses to any student in the physician assistant program.

A student must maintain a grade of "C" or better in all courses in order to meet program requirements. Failure to maintain the required minimum average by failing one course will result in placing the student on academic probation. Student will be provided the opportunity to remediate one course during the academic year (Please review Student handbook section on remediation on page 20-21). Failure to pass the remediation exam will result in deceleration (See student handbook page 26) and eligibility to repeat the course the following year. Students on academic probation as a result of failing one course who fail another course within their tenure in the program will be automatically dismissed from the program.

Experiential learning

No credit for experiential learning will be awarded to a student in the Miami Dade College Physician Assistant Program.

Employment Policy

The Miami Dade College PA Program does not allow any PA students to work as instructional faculty or in any other capacity during their tenure in the program.

Due to the rigors of the PA program, students are strongly discouraged to seek or maintain employment during their tenure in the program.

Graduation from the Program

In order to successfully graduate from the MDC PA Program, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass all academic and clinical year courses with a grade of 75% or greater.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct throughout the tenure in the Program.
  • Complete two PACKRAT examination (resource tool) during the Program.
  • Successfully complete the Program's Summative Evaluation, which includes:
    • Passing two program-generated examinations (didactic and clinical year).
    • Successful passing program required OSCE's (practical problem- focused examination), which demonstrate the student has the requisite knowledge, interpersonal skills, patient care skills, and professionalism required for practice as a physician assistant.
  • Complete degree audit without any holds.
  • Must have met all financial obligations to Miami Dade College.

A student's poor academic standing, non-professional behavior, or non-compliance with the Miami-Dade College and/or clinical site policies and procedures may be cause for discipline by the Committee on Student Progress, the Program Director, and ultimately by the Dean of Health Sciences.

Miami Dade College Transfer of Credit Policy

Miami Dade College Transfer of Credit Policy only applies to requirement or pre-professional courses required in the Physician Assistant program. The PA program uses the Miami Dade College policy as follows:

  1. Transfer credits are only accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities or nationally accredited institutions that participate in the Florida Course Numbering System unless a written agreement between Miami Dade and a specific post-secondary institution has been previously approved.
  2. Courses from previous college(s)/university(ies) will be evaluated after the student has applied to MDC.
  3. MDC will determine how many credits, if any, will apply toward requirement courses.
  4. Students who have taken courses in non-English speaking countries must have an official certified translation made of their credits and submit this translation to the Admissions Office and must successfully pass the TOEFL. Students who are not F1 or J1 students are encouraged to take the TOEFL, please see an advisor for details.
  5. Natural Science lecture courses older than 10 years must be repeated. Please see an advisor to confirm if your courses are expired. Only students with expired courses will be allowed to repeat the science lecture courses. Laboratory courses more than five years old, do not need to be repeated.

Advanced Placement Policy

In January of 2020, the Miami Dade College(MDC) PA program established an affiliation with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) to confer a Master’s in Health Science (MHSc) degree to graduates of the program. As a result of this affiliation, the program recognizes that some students accepted may have previously earned the MHSc from NSU. As a result, the program decided to implement an advanced placement process to exempt students from needing to dually enroll in the NSU MHSc degree while they are completing the MDC PA program. The Advanced Placement policy and procedure has been approved by both NSU and MDC.
See information on how to receive advanced placement (PDF)