General/Non-Financial Aid Refunds

General/Non-Financial aid refunds due to overpayment are generally processed on Wednesdays.

Original form of payment determines how system processes the refund, refer to the matrix below.

If the overpayment is funded by a paper check or e-check payment there is a 14-day encumbrance from the payment date before a refund can be generated.

Refunds for students with FH1, F16 or F65 service indicators are processed through accounts payable and would therefore receive a physical check delivered by USPS.

Original Form of Payment Refund Issued Via
Cash paid at Bursar’s office Bank Mobile Disbursements
Check paid at Bursar’s office Bank Mobile Disbursements
Check paid Online Bank Mobile Disbursements
Wire Bank Mobile Disbursements
Credit Card Refund to Credit Card
Debit Card paid at Bursar’s office Paper Check Delivered by USPS
Debit Card paid Online Refund to the Debit/Credit Card (processed as a credit card, 2% fee)

For refunds issued via Bank Mobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BTMX, Inc, the refund preference you selected will determine when your funds are available. Visit this link for more information:

For refunds returned to your Credit/Debit card, refund will reflect on your bank statement 7-10 business days from the refund date on your student account.

For paper check refund from Miami Dade College, Accounts Payable sends out checks by Friday of the week in which your refund was generated.  It can take up to 14 business days for the USPS mail to reach your mailbox.