Payment Options

Using Florida Prepaid at MDC

You must visit the Bursar's Office at any of the campuses with your valid Florida prepaid card to activate the plan for the term. If there is any difference between the tuition you’re paying and the amount of credit on your plan, you are responsible for paying that difference. To view your account, log-in to MDConnect at

You will receive credit for the maximum amount that can be billed to your plan. If for any reason the College is unable to complete the billing process, the credit will be reversed and the student will be billed in full with an immediate due date.

Cancelling your Prepaid Use

  • If you do not want to continue using Florida Prepaid please visit the Bursar's Office at your campus of preference to cancel the plan. 
  • Cancellation must take place prior to the 100% refund date.
  • MDC will not post Florida Prepaid for prior terms.

Important: Your plan cannot be cancelled after it has been used to pay term tuition and prepaid bills have been processed.