Responsibilities of the Student

It is the sponsored student's responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that the College is provided with a valid authorization letter (contract) from their sponsor, prior to the term beginning (3 business days prior to due date) to avoid being dropped from classes.
  2. Any changes to the student schedule, will require an updated authorization to cover the additional courses and fees that were not previously authorized.
  3. Students are required to monitor their account status regularly. If a sponsor does not cover the entire tuition charges, immediately becomes an obligation, and it is the student’s responsibility to pay the remaining balance.
  4. Know the duration of the sponsorship as listed in the authorization letter. The University will not notify a student when the sponsorship has expired.
  5. Supply additional information required by the sponsor, including grades, transcripts, course(s) and other miscellaneous information.
  6. Students should contact sponsoring agency for any changes to their coverage.

Responsibilities of the Sponsor

It is the sponsor's responsibility to provide a tuition authorization or contract to Miami Dade College prior to the term start date (3 business days prior to due date) with the following information:

  1. Student's name and MDC Student ID number
  2. Description of covered charges, which may include tuition, special fees, etc.
  3. Any dollar limitations on the covered charges
  4. Length of sponsorship - beginning and ending dates of period, specific term(s) and/or academic year(s), other.
  5. Sponsor's billing address
  6. The Sponsor must provide contact information for questions - including name, telephone number, fax number and email address.
  7. The sponsor’s Payment are based on Miami Dade College’s Invoice, not the student's fee Invoice or bill.
  8. The Sponsor shall mail payment to the provided address; payments is due in full upon receipt of invoice notice. Sponsor is also responsible to pay all enrollment adjustments on the students account for the term authorized, when applicable.

Invoice payment made by the sponsoring agency must be mailed to the address provided on the Invoice. Payments are due in full upon receipt of invoice notice.

Responsibilities of Miami Dade College

  1. The Bursar’s Office will provide coverage upon receipt of the authorization letter when presented prior to due date. This process will provide a third-party coverage preventing classes from being dropped. However, if partial coverage is applied, it’s the student’s responsibility to pay the remaining balance prior to the due date to avoid classes from being dropped.
  2. Student Financial Services (SFS) will review authorization letters (contracts) and will certify eligible students.
  3. SFS will invoice the sponsor for the authorized charges. The invoice will state the student's name and the total allowable charges.
  4. Any refund resulting from an adjustment to the student's account after sponsor payment will be returned to the sponsor.
  5. SFS will charge back to student's account any charges resulting from non-payment of sponsored charges by the sponsor.
  6. SFS will attempt to comply with a sponsor's particular invoice requirements, but this is not guaranteed and is based upon system limitations.