Third party billing is a service offered to outside agencies\companies requesting to be invoiced for a student's tuition and fees. A third party cannot be an individual i.e. a student's parent or relative.

A Third Party is an entity/Organization that agrees to make a full or partial payment of the student’s tuition and fees. This can be a:

  • Governmental agency
  • Non-profit association
  • Corporation
  • Military branch
  • Foreign embassy


  1. Student must submit voucher or authorization to the Bursar’s Office at any of the MDC campuses prior to the tuition due date. Be sure to include your 10-digit MDID
  2. The Bursar’s Office verifies the Sponsor and processes the authorization, which credits your student account with a temporary coverage
  3. Students are responsible for paying any portion not covered by their third party sponsor by the due date on fee invoice to prevent cancellation of classes
  4. Student Financial Services (SFS) reviews the authorizations (contracts), certifies eligible students and invoices the Sponsor for the authorized charges

Examples of authorizations include: Vocational Rehabilitation authorizations and vouchers. 

Authorization must be submitted for every semester that the Sponsor is requesting to be invoiced for a student's tuition and fees. Students are responsible for giving their third party sponsor information about their scholarships and other awards.

Letters requesting Enrollment and Financial aid certification forms

Students with sponsor letters requesting Enrollment and Financial Aid certification please contact your Campus Registrations/Financial Aid office.

Third Party Sponsor checks or Scholarship Checks:

  1. Third Party Sponsor checks can be paid in person at the bursars offices at any of the MDC campuses. Make checks payable to Miami Dade College.
  2. Write student’s name and student ID on the memo line.
  3. Enter Student and Payment Details

MDC's Taxpayer Identification Number, W-9 form