Financial Aid

Financial Aid Work Programs

Work Programs allows students to work and earn money to pay for their education. Part-time and full-time students who demonstrate financial need – whether undergraduate or graduate – are eligible.

Once in the program, you will be employed in a part-time position and typically are paid the federal minimum wage. These jobs are usually on-campus, but nonprofit organizations and public agencies working for the public interest may also participate.

When possible, you will work in fields related to your course of study. In addition, your employer will consider your class schedule and academic progress when planning your work schedule.

Under this program, you may earn up to the total amount of your work-study award. The award is determined by:

  • Student's eligibility
  • School's funding level 

Financial Aid Work Program Options

Federal Work Study: "On-campus" employment opportunities for qualified students. Part-time positions are available to assist departments with clerical work and other duties as assigned.

Community Service: "On- and off-campus" employment opportunities are available and are designed to benefit the community. This program includes jobs tutoring elementary school children with their reading skills in the Miami-Dade County Public School system, as well as other job opportunities that are in the public interest.

Florida Work Experience (FWEP): "On- and off-campus" jobs which complement and reinforce the students' educational and career goals. Students must be Florida residents and eligible for need-based aid. Work schedule part-time hours.

Institutional Work Study: "On-campus" part-time positions available to assist departments with clerical and other duties as assigned. Positions are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Employer's Corner

Required documents for employer participation in the Florida Work Experience Program (FWEP):