Financial Aid

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before accepting your financial aid award(s). By accepting your award(s), you accept all stated terms. If you want to decline or adjust any of the awards, you must submit a signed letter to our office.

Financial Aid Awards: The amount and type of aid offered is based on results from your FAFSA, available funds at the time that your file was completed, cost and enrollment level at MDC. Awards are based on funding from federal, state and MDC sources. You may not receive aid at multiple schools from the same source during the same term and in excess of the amount set by federal rules. If you receive more funds than allowed, you will have to repay the excess amount. If you have obtained a bachelor's degree or higher from any U.S. or foreign school, you cannot receive grants.

Summer Awards: Enrollment for the Summer term begins before spring grades are posted. As such, you may be awarded prior to the SAP review date. Your summer award(s) are not final until Spring grades are posted and may be adjusted or cancelled after SAP is measured. If you do not meet SAP standards, your award(s) will be removed. To be eligible for year round Pell, you must enroll in at least six (6) credits.

Enrollment Status: Awards are finalized after the 100% refund date for each term. You must be enrolled at least half time to receive most financial aid awards. Students enrolled in vocational programs will be evaluated in clock hours. Failure to attend classes will result in a change to your enrolled status. See chart below:

This is an example of a Financial Aid Award Notice and proration of the awards* 12 or more credits 9-11 credits 6-8 credits Less than 6 credits
Pell Grant (EFC=0) 2021-2022 $3248 $2436 $1624 $812
Pell Grant (EFC=0) 2020-2021 $3173 $2380 $1587 $793
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) $600 $600 $600 $0
Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)

$800 $800 $800 $0
Miami Dade College Grant $800 $800 $800 $0
Summer Miami Dade Grant $800 $800 $800 $0

*To receive year-round Pell Grant funds for 2019- 2020 students must be taking a minimum of 6 credits.

Attendance: Failure to complete courses may impact your financial aid award. Withdrawing or not attending courses may result in a debt. You must drop from courses you do not wish to attend prior to the 100% refund date as reported on your fee invoice to avoid a debt.

Award Proration: Your award(s) will be adjusted based on the number of eligible enrolled credits. You must take at least six (6) credits for most awards.

Pell Grant: Funds are limited to 12 full time terms or any combined amount totaling 600%.

Bright Futures: Your eligibility for renewal will be assessed at the end of the spring term. If you do not meet the earned hours or GPA, you will not receive this award. Summer grade and hours earned after spring evaluation may be used once to regain the award. You must repay fees for courses dropped or withdrawn.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement

The renewal cumulative GPA requirements are outlined in the table below

Scholar Minimum Cumulative GPA**
Florida Academic Scholars (FAS)* 3.0
Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) 2.75
Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars (GSC) 2.75
Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) 2.75

* Academic Top Scholars (ATS) renewal eligibility is based on the FAS annual renewal requirement.

** GPA is unrounded and unweighted

Annual Bright Futures Credit Hour Renewal Requirement by Term Course Load
Term 1 Hours Funded Term 2 Hours Funded Annual Earned Hours Requirement
Full-Time (12 or more) Full-Time 12 + 12 = 24
Three Quarter Time 12 + 9 = 21
Half-Time 12 + 6 = 18
Three-Quarter Time (9-11) Full-Time 9 + 12 = 21
Three Quarter Time 9 + 9 = 18
Half-Time 9 + 6
Half-Time (6-8) Full-Time 6 + 12 = 18
Three Quarter Time 6 + 9 = 15
Half-Time 6 + 6 = 12

* For example: A student who is funded full-time in Term 1 and funded three-quarter time in Term 2 is required to earn a minimum of 21 credit hours by the conclusion of the spring term.

MDC Institutional and External Scholarships: These funds are part of your award package and cannot exceed your cost (COA). You need to take at least six (6) credits per term in order to receive an MDC award. If you do not maintain these terms, the award may be removed resulting in a debt. If you receive aid from other sources that is not included in your award letter, you must inform your advisor.

Your awards are subject to change and may be cancelled or adjusted if:

  • You have provided incorrect or false information.
  • Your enrolled status changes.
  • Your award exceeds your cost (COA). You are required to inform your advisor if you receive aid from other sources.
  • You made changes to your FAFSA and it changed your status.
  • You submitted a school transcript after your award was processed.
  • Your program of study is not valid for aid.

Work Program Offers

Work Programs allows students to work and earn money to pay for their education.
This is an offer for part-time jobs on and off campus while enrolled at least half time. You must work in order to earn funds and this award is not used to cover tuition.

Follow the link below to search for jobs. After you are hired you will be placed in one of the work programs listed in the link.  Based on the rules for the program you are hired in, you must follow the requirements for that program.

Get information and search work-study opportunities

Important Eligibility Reminders

Program of Study: You must be fully admitted to an approved degree or certificate program. Changing your Program of Study may impact your aid status.

Transcripts: Transcripts from prior schools are required for all degree seeking students. Failure to submit all records may result in the loss of your award.

Making Changes on your Student Aid Report: Changes on your FAFSA may affect your award status. Speak with your advisor before making any changes to your FAFSA. If you transfer to another school, remove MDC from your FAFSA.

Standards of Academic Progress: You must remain in good academic standing to receive aid. SAP is assessed at the end of each spring term and will determine your status for the upcoming summer, fall and spring terms. If you enrolled in a program of study shorter than one year, SAP will be assessed at the end of each term. Below are the rules for SAP:

  1. Maintain a minimum GPA.
  2. Complete 67% of attempted credits. 
  3. Complete your program prior to reaching 150% of the required credits.

Failure to meet SAP standards will result in the loss of aid. You may file a petition if you lose eligibility. For a step by step guide, view the Standards of Academic Progress Appeal Guide.

If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on probation. Progress will be checked at the end of the term you are approved and again, at the next evaluation to ensure you have followed and passed courses listed on your MAP. If you did not follow and pass courses listed on your MAP, your awards will be removed for future terms.

Developmental Education Courses: You can receive aid for up to 30 attempted credits for Developmental Education (college prep) courses. Examples include: ENC00XX, ENC000X, REA00XX, REA000X, MAT00XX, MAT000X.

Payment of Fees: Term fees and current debts due to the College will be deducted from your awards, except for work study earnings. Financial aid funds that exceed charges will be refunded to you. If your award is less than your fees, you must pay the balance due before the fee deadline, or your courses may be dropped. Each time you add a course, you must check your account status and balance. You may be financially liable for courses added after the last day for 100% refund. If you enroll in non credit courses, you should check your account status and pay any debts. Non credit and audited courses not taken for credit are not covered by financial aid.

Financial Debts: You must pay any debt owed to the College. All past due accounts will be sent to collections where other fees may be added. A hold may be placed on your record to prevent changes to your schedule, release of grades, transcripts and diploma.

Book Advance: Funds are advanced to you prior to the start of the term to purchase books. If your tuition and the amount used to purchase books exceed your award, you will be liable for the balance. The book advance is not an award.

Financial Aid Disbursements: The College processes refunds to students within two weeks of the 100 percent refund date of the term and weekly after that. (the release of funds will vary based on the 100 percent refund date for each of your classes.) All refunds will be processed through BankMobile. Visit BankMobile here to learn more. If you paid your fees with a credit card, the refund (if any) will be credited back to the same credit card account.

Vocational/Certificate Disbursement Information: Funds will cover the total number of clock hours in the program and will not cover excess credits. Students in these programs must complete at least 50 percent of the program clock hours to receive their second payment. Students must pay for repeated courses or lab expenses within these programs and must attend all classes.

Dropping/Withdrawing: A debt may be created if you withdraw or drop from one or more course(s) or stop attending school. Also, a "Return to Title IV Funds" may be assessed for the following programs: Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Teach Grant, Loans. The amount of aid to be returned is based on the U. S. Department of Education rules. Failure to repay funds due to a debt may affect receipt of future aid, transcript requests, or registration. The College will let you when a return is performed, and based on the amount being returned, you may be billed for a debt. NOTE: An approved "Request for Petitions Committee Action" may not result in a refund.

MDC must return unearned funds for students who fail to attend class(es) or withdraw when receiving active duty (TA) benefits. We will assess the amount of funds to be returned. The College will let you when a return is performed, and based on the amount being returned, you may be billed for a debt.

Graduates: You will be a non-degree seeking student after earning your degree and you will not be entitled to Title IV aid. As a result, the aid for future terms will be removed and a debt may be created. If you plan to enroll in a new program after earning your degree, please let us know.

Study Abroad Programs, Transient Students and Concurrent Enrollment: Students enrolled in Study Abroad Programs, or students with an agreement between two schools (concurrently enrolled), may be eligible to receive financial aid. Please visit your Financial Aid Office for more information.

Student Complaint Procedures: Students should work through the complaint process at MDC as the first step in addressing their concern. If the concern cannot be resolved at the first level response, then you may seek the next level response (see table). For details, visit our Student's Right and Responsibilities page.

Please visit Florida Department of Educations' College Complaint Procedure Information if you feel your concern has not been resolved following MDC's response levels.

Information Disclosure: The Privacy Act exists to protect your rights and limits the College from releasing your data. Details of your award are kept private and will not be released without your written consent. Please visit our office or the student portal to view your awards. By law, your award data must be sent to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).