What is the Foreign Trained Professionals Program?

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Let your foreign professional experience work for you.

Foreign-Trained Professionals Program

With a longstanding commitment to serving multiple and diverse communities, Miami Dade College (MDC) has initiated the Foreign-Trained Professionals Program (FTP). Designed to assist foreign nationals, as well as U.S. nationals with foreign credentials, FTP helps Foreign-Trained professionals obtain the necessary U.S. credentials to continue their careers. Courses and programs are offered on campuses and online.

Benefits of Foreign-Trained Professionals Program (FTP)

  • Evaluation of foreign credentials
  • College credit awarded for applicable foreign work experience
  • Earn an MDC certificate or degree
  • Quick return to your career of choice

El trabajo que aprendió en su país, puede trabajar para usted.

Programa para Profesionales Entrenados en el Extranjero

El programa para Profesionales Entrenados en el Extranjero (FTP) es una iniciativa integral del Miami Dade College para que profesionales capacitados en otros países continúen sus carreras en los Estados Unidos. Se pueden obtener créditos de curso por experiencia laboral en el extranjero, aplicables a una credencial de MDC reconocida en el campo de los negocios de Miami.

Beneficios del Programa para Profesionales Entrenados en el Extranjero (FTP)

  • Evaluación de credenciales expedidas en el extranjero
  • La experiencia laboral se traduce en créditos que se pudieran aplicar a un diploma
  • Obtenga un certificado o un título del MDC
  • Rápido regreso a su carrera

Faites avancer votre carrière avec l’aide de vos études étrangères.

Program pour Professionnels Titulaires d’Universités Etrangères

Le programme pour professionnels étrangers (FTP) à Miami Dade College offre un service compréhensif qui aide ceux diplômés à l’étranger à avancer leur carrière professionnelle aux États-Unis. Il est possible d’utiliser votre expérience professionnelle pour accélérer un diplôme de MDC qui sera reconnue par les entreprises de Miami.

Bénéfices du Programme pour Professionnels Titulaires Etrangers (FTP)

  • Evaluations détaillées de diplômes universitaires
  • Crédits pour expérience professionnelle appliqués à votre carrière académique
  • Obtenez un certificat ou un diplôme de MDC
  • Retour rapide à votre carrière de choix

Deixe que sua experiência profissional em outro país trabalhe em seu benefício.

Programa de profissionais treinados no exterior

Com um compromisso duradouro de servir diversas comunidades, Miami Dade College (MDC) iniciou o programa dedicado para profissionais treinados no exterior (Foreing Trained Professionals ou FTP). Projetado para auxiliar estrangeiros, bem como cidadãos dos EUA com credenciais estrangeiras, FTP ajuda profissionais a obter as necessárias credenciais para continuar suas carreiras nos EUA.

Benefícios do programa de treinamento para profissionais estrangeiros:

  • Avaliação de credenciais estrangeiras
  • Recebimento de créditos na faculdade através de experiência de trabalho em outro país
  • Graduação de um programa no MDC
  • Rápido retorno à carreira
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Free Foreign-Trained Professionals Employability and Upskilling Webinars

Sessions are designed to help you with employability skills (Resume Writing, interviewing and networking) as well as introduce quick badges and certificate options for upskilling. 

Become a Temporary Instructor

  • Apply or reapply for admissions to MDC at www.mdc.edu/admissions. The cost is $30 & readmission is free.
  • Register for the Substitute Teacher/ Temporary Instructor Training (EDG2311) course at Miami Dade College ($118.22 in‐state tuition). Note: Scholarships Funding are available for qualified Foreign Trained Professionals Students to cover the $118.22 tuition cost. Please contact the us at FTP@mdc.edu
  • Purchase the Substitute Teacher Handbook (9th edition).
  • Attend class 2 days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or 4 days from 5:45 pm to 9:45 pm.
  • Submit official sealed transcript from MDC to M‐DCPS as proof of course completion.
  • Pre‐requisite 30 earned college credits.

For more information, call the School of Education at (305) 237‐6203

Licensing/Certification Guidelines by Area of Interest

This section contains information for individuals with foreign academic credentials seeking to learn more about the Florida licensure process. Please remember that licensing requirements vary from state to state and are field specific. For your convenience, resources are provided under the Information Technology section for those seeking industry certification in IT.

Path to Certification

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Get certified and get reimbursed!

An industry certification is an industry-recognized credential that employers understand and value. Industry certifications can be earned by students enrolled at MDC while pursuing an academic credential. The benefits to the student are many, including:

  • Access to many industry certification examinations at MDC
  • Incentive to continue toward academic goal
  • Potential for earning college credit
  • Early entry in a field or career of interest
  • Increased earning potential
  • Added value to resumés and future job prospects
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Language Courses

Miami Dade College provides a number of resources for Foreign-Trained Professionals who are looking for English language training. For more information regarding the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program, TOEFL prep classes and other English learning opportunities please browse below.

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EAP Courses
(offered by MDC)

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs prepare non-native speakers of English in all aspects of the language.

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Advanced EAP

The English as a Second Language for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs prepare non-native speakers of English in all aspects of the language. The Padrón Campus offers “ACE” as a fast-track English for Academic Purposes program for students with strong academic backgrounds

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TOEFL Prep Classes/Exams
(offered by MDC)

The TOEFL iBT is an internet-based test that measures the examinees ability to use and understand English in a classroom setting at the college or university level.

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Industry Specific English
Language Courses

Please click on the link above to contact the FTP Program Office for information regarding English language courses that focus on the exact concepts and terms needed to thrive in your particular industry. Learn the right terms for your field so as to gain professional fluency.

Academic Programs

This section provides curriculum and career information for those interested in making a career change. It is also ideal for Foreign Trained Professionals or who are looking to meet course specific licensing requirements. Learn about the various certificates, Associates and Bachelor degree programs offered at MDC.

Bachelor Degrees

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The Bachelor’s degree is awarded to those who complete a four year degree programs. They are offer a rigorous curriculum with the average Bachelor degree holder earning 1 million dollars more over a lifetime than those without the four year degree.

College Credit Certificates

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College credits granted in these programs will apply toward the related Associate in Science degree. Students receive an institutional College Credit Certificate upon completion and the program’s title is added to the student’s transcript.

​​Earn College Credit for What You Already Know

Putting together a portfolio that demonstrates college course-equivalent learning is a great way for some students to earn college credit. The portfolio consists of a brief experiential learning resume, a learning narrative, and supporting documentation of verified learning. Workforce training, on-the-job learning and other work experience can be assessed and applied towards college credit.

You may also earn credits by proving your knowledge through exams!

Visit the Prior Learning Assessment page to learn how you can earn up to 45 credits hours towards a program. Please note that all credit approval is contingent on departmental approval

Learn how your life experiences can help propel you toward a college degree!

Learn how you can earn college credit for your experiences
Banner image advertising the Prior Learning Assessment program; a program designed to help individuals earn college credit through work experiences, training, volunteering etc.

Job Market Information

Look at current market demands and projected employment statistics for your career of choice. Click below to read more.

Please note, the PDF link below is from an external source and may not offer the best user experience for screen readers. To learn more about employment opportunities in Florida, please contact the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. You may visit their website at www.floridajobs.org or contact the department via phone by calling 850-245-7205.

Learn more about the Fastest Growing Occupations

Examination Prep

List of prep-courses currently under consideration for financial assistance by the Foreign Trained Professionals Program. For more information and approval please contact the FTP Office:

Please download and print the FTP-MDC- Approval Form. Once complete, please email the attachment to ftp@mdc.edu

Download Form

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Credential Evaluation

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Program participants may qualify for assistance with the evaluation and translation of postsecondary transcripts. To qualify for this service one must be an active MDC student, have graduated from a foreign college/university or have completed a notable number of postsecondary credits. Program participants must also be in good standing with their previous college/university and submit complete original transcripts for all postsecondary institutions attended. In addition, the documents must have the requisite seals and apostilles from the Ministry of Exterior Affairs or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. Follow the steps below to see if you qualify for this service.

  • Complete your MDC Application
  • Email FTP program to request an appointment
  • Meet with an FTP counselor

Benefits You Receive

Estimated Transcript Evaluation Stipend

University and Post-Secondary Course-by-Course Evaluation
U.S. $140 basic fee (it covers the evaluation of all academic credentials submitted with the application form.)

Accounting Course-by-Course Evaluation
U.S. $190 basic fee (it covers the evaluation of all academic credentials submitted with the application form- Official original course descriptions in accounting and general business must be submitted. If these are in a foreign language, a certified English translation is required also.

Engineering Course-by-Course
U.S. $325 basic fee (it covers the evaluation of all academic credentials submitted with the application form.) The fee for each additional State Board of Professional Engineers is U.S. $325.

Nursing Course-by-Course
U.S. $325 basic fee (it covers the evaluation of all academic credentials submitted with the application form.) The fee for each additional State Board of Nursing is U.S. $325.

For Official Use Only Download and print Forms