EnTec Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone Department
Perez, Manny Dean of EnTec & Design mperez@mdc.edu 305-237-7774 EnTec
Minchala, Monica Director, Program Development mminchal@mdc.edu 305-237-7021 EnTec
Genatios, Carlos Director, EnTec & Design cgenatio@mdc.edu 305-237-7443 EnTec
Marimar Molinary Director, Grants mmolinar@mdc.edu 305-237-3327 Entec
Ortea, Milady Secretary to the Dean mortea@mdc.edu 305-237-7774 EnTec
Perez Pazos, Diana Marketing Communications and Project Coordinator dperezpa@mdc.edu 305-237-73693 EnTec
Thomas, James Chairperson jthomas3@mdc.edu 305-237-6441 Padrón
Gutierrez, Gabriela Secretary ggutier3@mdc.edu 305-237-6692 Padrón
Williams, Charles

EnTec & Business




Arguelles, Lynne Chairperson larguell@mdc.edu 305-237-5107 Homestead
Canavan, Jeanie Assistant to the Chairperson gcanavan@mdc.edu 305-237-5129 Homestead
Zhang, Zhiqi Chairperson zzhang@mdc.edu 305-237-2014 Kendall
Muller, Karell Lab Manager kmuller@mdc.edu 305-237-2563 Kendall
Mathews, Robin Secretary rmathew1@mdc.edu 305-237-2084 Kendall
Miller, Jefferson Program Leader jmiller@mdc.edu 305-237-0962 Kendall
Cedeno Salgueiro, Annet Education and Recruitment Retention Specialist acedenos@mdc.edu 305-237-2806 Kendall
Knights, Anselm Chairperson aknights@mdc.edu 305-237-1363 North
Lamothe, Daloune Assistant to the Chair dlamothe@mdc.edu 305-237-1366 North
Parker, Anita Secretary aparker1@mdc.edu 305-237-8213 North
Coffin, Ronald Program Leader rcoffin@mdc.edu 305-237-1054 North
Leal, Leonel Inst. Technician lleal@mdc.edu 305-237-1169 North
Santos, Pedro Chairperson psantosa@mdc.edu 305-237-4932 West
Spengler, Alyssa Assistant to the Chair aspengle@mdc.edu 305-237-4976 West
Ferrazza, Mauricio Chairperson MAGIC mferrazz@mdc.edu 305-237-7852 Wolfson
Cruz, Ana Assistant to the Chair MAGIC acruz3@mdc.edu 305-237-7851 Wolfson
Chin, John Cisco Coordinator jchin@mdc.edu 305-237-3386 Wolfson
Ojeda, Araceli Lab Manager aojeda@mdc.edu 305-237-3746 Wolfson
Provisero, Ralph Makers Lab rprovise@mdc.edu 305-237-3470 Wolfson
Okoe, Cynthia Chairperson cokoe@mdc.edu 305-237-3690 Wolfson
Gonzalez, Dayana Assistant to the Chair dgonzal9@mdc.edu 305-237-3688 Wolfson
Mederos Corratge, Anabel Grant Project Manager amadero2@md.edu 305-237-3681 Wolfson
Rodriguez, Emma Secretary erodrig1@mdc.edu 305-237-3683 Wolfson

Name Title Email Phone Department

North Campus

Cobo, Sergio Professor scobo@mdc.edu 305-237-1209 Technology
Delessy-Gassant, Nelly Assistant Professor ndelessy@mdc.edu 305-237-1485 Technology
Gabb, George Assistant Professor ggabb@mdc.edu 305-237-1230 Technology
Lee, Anthony Instructor alee@mdc.edu 305-237-1224 Technology
Pollard, Lonnie Instructor lpollard@mdc.edu 305-237-1660 Technology
Walton, Michael Professor mwalton@mdc.edu 305-237-1211 Technology
Shaikh, Saeed Assistant Professor sshaikh@mdc.edu 305-237-1240 Engineering
Weathers, Joseph Instructor jweather@mdc.edu 305-237-1681 Technology
Yassin, Raef Assistant Professor ryassin@mdc.edu 305-237-1385 Engineering

Kendall Campus

Andrews, Barry Assistant Professor wandrews@mdc.edu 305-237-2665 Technology
Bibby, Nannette Assistant Professor nbibby@mdc.edu 305-237-2686 Technology
De Arazoza, Ralph Associate Professor rdearazo@mdc.edu 305-237-2081 Technology
Freer, David Assistant Professor Bachelor dfreer@mdc.edu 305-237-2555 Technology
Kinnaird, Eugene Assistant Professor, Sr. ekinnair@mdc.edu 305-237-2086 Technology
Lee, Ernesto Assistant Professor elee@mdc.edu 305-237-2044 Technology
Poe, James Professor jpoe@mdc.edu 305-237-2174 Engineering
Pena, Norge Instructor npenaper@mdc.edu 305-237-2603 Technology
Penciu, Cristian Associate Professor cpenciu@mdc.edu 305-237-2637 Engineering
Rico, Jobany Instructor jheredi2@mdc.edu 305-237-0061 Technology

Wolfson Campus

Corbin, Christopher Associate Professor Sr. ccorbin@mdc.edu 305-237-3632 Technology
Guzman, Ana Associate Professor aguzman3@mdc.edu 305-237-3837 Engineering
Lebron, David Instructor dlebron@mdc.edu 305-237-7082 Technology
Martinez, Juan Carlos Associate Professor jmarti20@mdc.edu 305-237-3170 Technology
Zejnilovic, Adnan Instructor azejnilo@mdc.edu 305-237-3928 Technology

Homestead Campus

Adhikari, Sanjay Instructor  sadhikar@mdc.edu 305-237-2080 Technology
Maloney, John Associate Professor jmalone1@mdc.edu 305-237-5243 Technology
Song, Ying Professor ysong@mdc.edu 305-237-5072 Engineering

Padrón Campus

Billionniere, Elodie Associate Professor ebillion@mdc.edu 305-237-6497 Technology
Lopez, Felix Assistant Professor flopez@mdc.edu 305-237-6174 Technology
Tibaquira, Diego Professor dtibaqui@mdc.edu 305-237-6565 Technology

Hialeah Campus

Cruz, Rodolfo Assistant Professor rcruz2@mdc.edu 305-237-8642 Technology
Canedo, Olga Assistant Professor ocanedor@mdc.edu 305-237-8720 Technology
Ibarra, Alicia Assistant Professor aibarra@mdc.edu 305-237-8629 Technology

West Campus

Salcedo, Eduardo Instructor esalcedo@mdc.edu 305-237-8239 Technology

Student Support Staff
Name Title Email Phone Department

North Campus

Jimenez, Louis Student Advisor ljimene1@mdc.edu 305-237-1462 Technology
Velez Pabon, Blanca Program Coordinator / Student Advisor bvelezpa@mdc.edu 305-237-1513 Technology (BS Cybersecurity)

Kendall Campus

Cedeno, Annet Program Coordinator / Student Advisor acedenos@mdc.edu 305-237-2806 Technology (BS Data Analytics)
Franco, Christian Outreach & Enrollment Specialist


305-237-2060 Technology (Cloud Computing)
Lafuente, Alfonso Internship Coordinator alafuent@mdc.edu 305-237-2982 Technology
Miller, Jefferson Program Coordinator / Student Advisor jmiller@mdc.edu 305-237-0962 Engineering

Homestead Campus

Blanco, Cecilia Student Advisor cblanco3@mdc.edu 305-237-5169 Technology / Engineering