MDC's School of Engineering and Technology has designed its programs and curricula to provide students with exciting opportunities, the highest quality education, and a variety of options to achieve success. With more than 30 degrees to choose from, our students are able to find an education that best suits their needs. With input from industry partners including Florida Power & Light, Tesla, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Cisco and Siemens, our courses deliver the education that the nation’s top employers are looking for.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor to Master's Agreements

MDC has agreements in place with other institutions giving graduates of some of our Bachelor programs the opportunity to receive their Master's degree at an accelerated rate. Explore our Bachelor programs to find out more.

Associate in Science

Our 2-year Associate in Science degrees are strategically formulated to deliver the core expertise needed for our students to move quickly into the industry. By working with our industry partners, we ensure that our students receive the high-quality, hands-on training that employers seek. These programs also offer a direct access to bachelor degrees at MDC or any other 4 year college or university.

Associate in Arts

Our 2-year Associate in Arts degree pathways are designed to instill the highest-quality foundation in engineering and technology principles. Upon completion of these degrees, students are ready to continue to a bachelor degree at MDC or any other 4 year college or university. Past students have used our associate’s degrees to earn their bachelor’s degrees at institutions such as MIT and Georgia Tech.

Career Technical Certificate

Career Technical Education Certificates provide students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. These programs prepare students for the workforce by introducing them to competencies and providing academic content in a hands-on context. Many students apply the knowledge and skills as well as the credentials from CTC programs to associate, bachelor's and master’s degrees. It's also a cost-effective way for students to start a career with as little as one or two years of school.