The overall goal of ASCEND is to provide opportunities for underrepresented minorities to enter the cybersecurity workforce by preparing them to meet the evolving needs of the cybersecurity field and strengthening the pipeline from high school – to college – to employer.

Leadership team: Dr. Diego Tibaquirá (P.I.) and Dean Antonio Delgado (Co-P.I.)


ECHO, partnered with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM is working to provide a multi-cloud College Credit Certificate program to help meet industry cloud needs in the areas of multi-cloud DevOps and Data Analytics. This program will both up/reskill current professionals as well as train current college students in these technologies.

Leadership team: Prof. Lawrence Meyer, Jr. (P.I.) and Dr. Elodie Billionniere (Co-P.I.)


GenCyber of South Florida - Students serves high school students from Miami-Dade County Public Schools that are interested in exploring the field of cybersecurity through a one-week summer program. This free of cost experience is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to be good digital citizens and protect their information assets, and to expose them to the field of cybersecurity—an in-demand technology profession that is essential across all industries.

Leadership team: Monica Minchala and Justin Burandt


GenCyber of South Florida - Teachers serves high school teachers from Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) that are interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills to improve teaching methods for delivery of cybersecurity curricula. This collaboration between MDC and M-DCPS has the goal of increasing the number of underrepresented minorities entering the cybersecurity workforce.

Leadership team: Dean Antonio Delgado and Dr. Diego Tibaquirá

Cybersecurity Opportunities and Methods that Promote Access and Student Success (COMPASS)

The overall goal of COMPASS is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities entering the cybersecurity workforce by providing them with opportunities to obtain cybersecurity credentials and degrees. The project is also creating the foundation for a seamless pipeline in cybersecurity across a critical educational transition from high school to college. Additionally, the grant provides scholarships for cybersecurity students and coverage for students and faculty for a trip to Israel.

Leadership team: Dr. Diego Tibaquirá (P.I.) and Dean Antonio Delgado (Co-P.I.)

Dade Enterprise Cloud Computing Initiative (DECCI)

DECCI is a partnership between the School of Engineering and Technology and Amazon Web Services that aims to increase the number of certified cloud computing technicians from underrepresented minority groups to meet local and national workforce needs. The program is designed to provide fast-track training for students in Miami-Dade County, while strengthening existing career pathway programs at Miami Dade College.

Leadership team: Dr. Elodie Billionniere (P.I.) and Prof. Lawrence Meyer, Jr. (Co-P.I.)

Mozilla Responsible Computer Science Challenge

The School of Engineering and Technology was awarded by Mozilla to empower future technology builders to create a healthier internet for all. As part of this project, the School of will integrate ethics content into computer science courses and develop social-impact projects in partnership with industry, nonprofits, and government. More information about the activities developed by EnTec for this grant.

Leadership team: Prof. George Gabb (P.I.) and Dean Antonio Delgado (Co-P.I.)

Geographic Information Systems for Environment and Communities (GISEC)

GISEC is developing an academic pathway from High School to undergraduate and graduate studies in Geographic information Systems. GISEC will create a project learning platform with a natural disasters risk reduction and a public interest orientation. The project, which includes EnTec faculty and external academic specialists, will put technology and knowledge at the service of the local communities. This grant was awarded by the Public Interest Technology University Network.

Leader: Dr. Carlos Genatios (P.I.) for this grant.